Monday, January 6, 2014

Informal Wedding Attire For Men

Informal wedding attire for men is a lot less formal than the attire for a traditional wedding. Most grooms will be delighted to know that they are part of an informal wedding as soon as they learn that they do not have to wear black tie and tails. Many men dislike this formal attire and will be glad to don a morning coat and ascot for the affair.

The type of informal wedding attire for the groom depends upon the wedding itself. While a morning coat is ideal for most informal weddings, this too can be too formal for some weddings. Many weddings today are second or even third weddings. There is usually even less formality for these occasions.

In some cases, a groom can get by wearing a good suit to his wedding. This can save the groom money as he does not have to rent clothes. Most men do not own formal wear and have to rent it when they are in a wedding or have to go to some other formal occasion. A good suit will work if it is a second wedding, especially if it is being held at a home of a friend or relative. In such cases, a morning coat would seem to be over the top when it comes to style.

In other cases, despite the fact that this is an informal wedding, the groom will want to get dressed up a bit and may have to rent formal clothes. A morning coat is usually standard for many informal weddings and these clothes can be rented at the same place where formal attire for men is rented. This ensemble comes with an ascot instead of the traditional bow tie, although there are variations. This is known as a semi formal look and is ideal for an informal wedding that is being held in a stately home or in which the ceremony is taking place in a church.

Many men will rely on their wives to be to help them choose the appropriate attire for their wedding day. Brides can make sure that the groom is dressed right for the occasion by considering where the ceremony is being held, the wedding venue and the formality of the occasion. For an informal wedding, a morning coat is appropriate attire for a groom in most cases.

If in doubt, always remember that it is better for the groom to be overdressed than under dressed, especially at his own wedding. Other men in the wedding party, such as the Best Man and ushers can wear suits or they can also sport semi formal attire.

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