Saturday, August 31, 2013

What People Should Wear to a Wedding Reception

Are you standing in front of a pile of discarded dresses, sweaters, and accessories? Are you wondering if you can get away with wearing your only suit to the black tie wedding you've been invited to? Here are some pointers on what to wear to any wedding reception.

The first place to look for clues about what to wear to the wedding reception lies in the invitation. Is the invitation on embossed linen with fancy script instructing you to "join us for a formal reception"? Does the invitation invite you to "come party with us because we're finally legal"? A fancy, formal invitation instructs you to wear fancy, formal clothing. Laid-back wording and eclectic colors or papers may signify an informal or casual dress code for the reception. Look for wording on the invitation itself. You may find the words casual, informal, semi-formal, formal, black tie optional, or black tie. These are definite clues to the dress code required.

Also consider where the reception is being held. There will most likely be dancing, so you'll want to wear shoes that can withstand it and clothes that are loose enough to allow for it. You may want to keep carried accessories to a minimum to keep from misplacing them. Consider the practical necessities of having a reception on a beach, in a backyard, in a museum, or on a farm. Each venue will give you clues as to what to wear.

Once you've figured out the formality level of the dress code, you'll need to know what clothing goes along with each of these codes.

For a daytime wedding,
For her: wear a short, billowing, or floral dress, a skirt and sweater set, or a light-colored suit. Keep the accessories to a minimum.
For him: In summer, a light-colored suit, especially linen. In winter, wear a wool suit. Slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie are passable for this dress code. Pairing them with a blazer is better. If it is a formal wedding, you may wear a dark suit. Tuxedos, however, are traditionally inappropriate before 6pm.

For an evening wedding:
For her: wear a cocktail dress or a dressy suit in darker colors. Avoid sequins except for black tie.
For him: a dark suit is the only option unless it is a casual wedding. For casual, see daytime wedding attire.

For black tie-optional:
For her: wear a cocktail dress, possibly floor-length.
For him: wear a dark suit or a tuxedo.

For black tie:
For her: wear a formal, floor length gown, the classiest you have that won't upstage the bride. Bring out that expensive jewelry that you never get to wear.
For him: wear a tuxedo.

Here are some things not to wear to any wedding:
Don't wear white, black to a daytime wedding, jeans, anything revealing or overly sexy, don't wear anything sleeveless to a religious ceremony, don't wear anything torn or dirty, and never wear anything that will upstage the bride.

If you can't find any clues as to what to wear in the invitation, it is okay to ask the mother of the bride or anyone in the wedding party what they are wearing. You can also ask the bridal couple what their wishes are.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Diamond Rings are Symbolic Gifts For Graduation, Wedding, and Engagement

Rings, as jewelry, will never go out of style. Sometimes they don't just serve the purpose of embellishing nimble fingers but also as symbols of relationships and events of great values such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation etc. Diamonds are very popular stones in all of them. Here are the various kinds of rings:

1. Graduation or Class Ring

These rings are customized or designed for a particular class of students. They could either have the school's logo engraved and/or have the name or initials of the student who owns the ring engraved on the inner side of the ring.

2. Friendship Ring

These symbols of bonds could be in any kind of personalized design the wearers prefer. A group of friends could have these rings with the same design or in complementing designs.

3. Engagement Ring

The celebration of the decision that a couple will spend the rest of their lives together is often sealed with this piece of jewelry. Women usually enjoy the privilege of being given an engagement ring. An engagement ring is more appreciated when a man is just so in tune of his fiancée's character that he is able to give one that complements her personality so well. She may also want to be involved in the selection of the ring. Oftentimes, the couple will decide to buy the rings, as a set at the same time of becoming engaged. Engagement rings with diamonds often earn two thumbs up.

4. Wedding or Anniversary Ring/Band

Classic wedding rings usually comprise of diamond rings. However, platinum wedding bands are fast gaining popularity. This is because compared to gold, platinum is said to be a lot denser, thus more durable. Platinum wedding rings are known to be more able to last a lifetime, which is the very perfect symbol of marriage.

Now after that rundown of the different types of rings and their symbolic meanings, how about knowing more about the ring that often gets the most attention - the diamond ring?

Known as woman's best friend, it is imperative that one knows the basics of a diamond. Here are the 4 basic C's of a diamond:

1. Clarity

This is the clearness or the purity or imperfection of the diamond. The more clarity the more costly the diamond ring gets.

2. Color

This refers to the amount of color in the diamond. Black diamond is known to be more expensive than clear diamonds.

3. Cut

This refers to the proportion and polish of the diamond. It also determines the shape of the diamond. The more intricate or ornate the diamond the more attractive and, of course, the costlier the diamond gets.

4. Carat

This is the unit of measurement of a diamond. 1 carat is equal to .20 grams. The higher the carat of a diamond is the heftier its price tags becomes.

Although diamonds are known to last forever as having the reputation of being the hardest mineral, they still require proper care to be able to live up to that expectation.

a. Clean your diamond ring regularly with a soft cloth or a soft brush and jewelry cleaner particularly for a diamond ring.

b. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly in warm water and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth.

c. When doing rough work, common sense should tell you not to wear your ring or any kind of jewelry for that matter. Sweat and dirt may damage the metal setting of your ring.

d. Have your diamond ring checked by a jeweler for possible wear and tear.

With that indispensable information, wearing a ring could mean more than just accessorizing your hands.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Dress Basics - 5 Things to Know to Before Finding Your Wedding Dress

Chances are your wedding dress will be the most important clothing purchase of your life. Yes, you will only wear it once; but, will you ever wear another dress more anticipated and more talked about? And while this is indeed an important clothing decision, you have probably never gone through the process of purchasing a wedding gown until now. Thankfully, I have rounded up useful advice to get you started on your way to walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams.

Start Shopping Early

Time is of the essence. Most likely, you did not get engaged after a week of dating, so why would you want to rush such an important shopping decision? Planning a wedding is stressful, and the last thing you want to add to your worries is dress shopping. You need time. Not only do you need time to shop, but keep in mind that you will also need time to wait for your dress to arrive and time for fittings. Try to start looking for your perfect wedding dress right after you are engaged. You should aim to purchase your wedding gown at least 6 months before your wedding date, as this will ensure enough time to wait for your gown to arrive and have it tailored.

Wedding only 5 months away, and you haven't even tried on your first dress? Don't panic. While shopping early is preferred, you can always buy a dress off the rack, and many bridal salons can turn a dress around more quickly if necessary. You just may have to be a little more flexible in your dress choice.

Educate Yourself

Wedding dresses come with their own unique glossary of terms (or jargon, as you may want to call it). Before stepping foot into a bridal salon, try to brush up on your vocabulary. There are terms for gown silhouette (the basic shape of the gown), neckline, bodice, sleeves, trains etc. Learn the basics and try to narrow down which options you prefer and which ones best suit your figure. Overwhelmed? This wedding dress styles guide provides detailed descriptions on every type of wedding gown.

Envision Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Many bridal salons do not allow you to simply browse through all their wedding dresses. They first ask you a few questions about your wedding and your overall style and bring dresses that reflect your vision to you. Therefore, it's best to have an idea of what you want before you shop. After you have educated yourself on the various parts of a dress, think about what wedding dress style suits you. Always dreamed of being a princess? A ball gown silhouette is probably your best bet. Dream of showing off a figure sculpted by hard work at the gym? A sheath dress may be perfect for you. Keep in mind that your dress, while suiting your personal style, should also suit your wedding venue. A formal ball gown is probably not appropriate for a beach wedding in the sand, while a sundress may not work in a cathedral.

Know Where to Shop

The most popular choice is the bridal salon, known for a high level of customer service. Bridal salons exist almost everywhere; you can search our local wedding services section for ones nearest you. Of course, all bridal salons are not the same. Some feature wedding gowns from multiple designers, others feature only gowns from one specific designer custom for their particular store. Price ranges vary as well. While many bridal salons offer gowns starting as low as $300, prices at other stores can start as high as $4000. Call and inquire before choosing a store. Brides on a tighter budget can try an outlet. Bridal outlets offer hundreds of dresses, often from past seasons, at a discounted price.

Determine Your Budget

It's best to have an idea of what you would like to spend before stepping into a bridal salon. This will save you the hassle of going to salons out of your price range or allowing the sales clerk to bring you dresses you cannot afford. The average cost of a wedding dress is around $800. Shop around online and in magazines to get an idea of how much wedding dresses cost and how much you want to spend. In general, your wedding gown shouldn't exceed 10 percent of the cost of the wedding reception.

Now that you know the basics, this complete wedding dresses guide can walk you through the rest of the process of finding the right wedding gown for you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Table Decor - Simple Wedding Accessories For Huge Savings

Wedding table decor doesn't have to be insanely expensive nor does it have to be personalized to each of the guests. In truth, all you need are a few cheap wedding accessories and you can create elegant, memorable decorations that your guests are sure to love & enjoy.

Simple Wedding Table Decor...

Napkins: Theme colored napkins are so often over looked, yet they're a perfect way to add some flair & style to the tables. Choose a simple napkin design accompanied by your wedding colors and you'll have an immensely cheap, yet surprisingly elegant table decoration.

Table Cloths: This is another wedding table decor item that gets passed over constantly. While white table cloths can hardly be considered as table decorations, colored table cloths are a completely different story. Make sure they are colored to match your wedding and you can easily pass off these simple items as beautiful wedding decor.

Utensils: If you want to save money, plastic is definitely the way to go. However, plain old white plastic utensils aren't going to cut it; especially when it comes to wedding table decor. If you want to add in some style, make sure those eating implements are colored to match the theme of your wedding. And if plastic isn't quite your thing, you can always spree for "actual" silverware.

Candles: Just like the 3 table accessories above, you'll need to get this decoration in colors to match the wedding. Candles are great table centerpieces that really spruce up the look & atmosphere of the guests' tables. Engraved candles are nice, but they're more expensive; hence, they are not completely necessary.

These are 4 of the simplest and cheapest ideas for wedding table decor. Even though these ideas seem alarmingly simple, they'll create the illusion of expense and elegance, guaranteed!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wedding Tablecloths

A wedding is definitely one of the most important days in a person's life, and therefore people want to make it a very memorable one. This is one of the reasons why people do not mind spending their money lavishly for a wedding party. They want it to be perfect in all aspects. Therefore the wedding industry has turned into a billion dollar industry in the United States. People tend to pay attention to the minutest details when it comes to his or her wedding party decoration. Hence, wedding table cloths have a very important role to play in such a setting.

It is quite natural for a person to be tensed when it comes to making arrangements for their wedding. There is an endless list of things that needs to be done and it is humanly impossible to keep an eye on everything. There are important matters such as your wedding dress, floral decorations, the reception party, seating arrangement and so on. But, people tend to overlook or forget certain minute details which can dim the luster of all the other exuberant decorations. The decoration of the tables and the type of table cloth are things which are often overlooked by people.

They might not seem as important as the other things, but various incidents have proved that proper attention should be paid to them as well. In a wedding reception party, each invited member will be assigned to a specific table. Therefore, the way you decorate these tables can show your respect for the invited guests. Hence, it is important to decorate these tables using good quality wedding table cloths. You can decorate the whole place according to your liking so that it gives the guests a feel of your personality. Or, one can hire professionals to do it for you.

Requesting the services of professional decorators is usually recommended, because their expertise can definitely make the event a memorable one for you as well as your guests. They would pay attention to the minutest details and hence you can be assured that your tables will be decorated by proper wedding table cloths. One can assign separate themes for each wedding table cloths. This will give a personalized appearance to the place. Also, candles can be lit atop these table cloths. In some cases, it is seen that people use flowers, colored vases or bright objects to decorate the table top.

It is equally important to choose the right color for your wedding table cloths. The theme you choose for decorating your wedding party and how well you implement it can decide how memorable this party will be for your guests.

There are different kinds of themes which can be implemented through a wedding table cloth. Some commonly used themes are ethnic weddings, romantic weddings and medieval weddings. Choosing the right kind of theme and color for your wedding tablecloth can go a long way in determining the overall attractiveness of your wedding party. Always keep in mind that it is your wedding and the overall decoration should reflect your personality.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Ways to Use Color to Announce Your Delight at Your Perfect Autumn Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Autumn is a time of deep color. Throw away the pastels and let the intensity of your love come through in all the little details of your wedding ceremony. Your love has ripened from a sweet, tender and cautious spring green to the vibrant hues of real relationship. Don't be afraid to layer the earth tones. They complement one another so well.

Declare your delight in your loving relationship and use color everywhere you can:

  1. Bridesmaids: Use the deep mossy greens and dark oranges and browns to heighten the mood.
  2. Bride: Whether your dress is white or a darker color, use one of your bridesmaid's colors for a sash and trim. These colors are such powerful reminders of the love that blazes between you.
  3. Carried Flowers: Carry vibrant seasonal flowers to reinforce both the season and your love for one another. This is a love that has felt the warmth of the sun and has stored it up. Now you're willing to tell the world.
  4. Altar: Use fabulous deep colors in both flowers and cloths to dress the front of your gathering.
  5. Dinner tables: choose festive colors that celebrate the glory of fall.

Emphasize the beauty and the bounty of fall colors. Leave blacks and greys alone. There are winter weddings for that, weddings that can echo the starkness of winter. Fall weddings are about blazing beauty. Capture that essence. Speak about it in your wedding ceremony. Celebrate it every place you can have color.

Associating your love with certain colors is a helpful thing (if you or your love are color blind, stay out of the purely red/green continuum.) From this point on, whenever you see beautiful fall leaves and flowers, you will think of your beloved and how much you loved on another when you married and pledged to spend the rest of your life together.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wedding Foods - Choosing the Right Kinds of Food For Your Wedding

After the wedding one of the biggest topics of conversations after the brides dress is what the guests had to eat at the reception, so what are the best foods for weddings?

One of the first things to consider is to make the menu appealing to all people of different ages. Choose foods that your young and old guests alike will enjoy. Though you don't want to go with anything to wild and spicy steer clear of making the menu too bland either.

Yes it is your wedding and you are spending a lot of money, but you want everyone to enjoy their food so the easiest way is to give them choices. These choices will then turn out to be your best foods for weddings.

Obviously you are inviting family and close friends to your wedding so remember about checking for food allergies, you don't want to cause any allergic reactions on your wedding day.

One of the best foods for weddings is to have a wedding buffet, this actually works very well for outdoor weddings. This way you are giving plenty of choices to everyone. Normally finger foods are well received and are easy to eat when standing around. Your wedding is not the time to try a new fancy menu out. Keep it simple and easy to eat!

All of your guests will have their best clothes on and have possibly spent money on a new suit or dress. You don't want them to spoil their clothes by trying to eat messy, sauce laden foods that could very well cause stains that are difficult to remove. The bride will be wearing her white dress and nothing would be worse than having it stained permanently.

If you are having a themed style wedding such as one on the beach then keep your foods within the theme. Here serving lobster or crab would be appropriate. A traditional wedding might be best accompanied with a dinner of roast beef and potatoes. You can still turn these best foods for weddings into a buffet style menu.

If you decide to chose a caterer ask for discounts for spending a certain amount of money and if they throw in any extras. Some will actually provide you with the wedding cake for free if you order from them. Take your time in choosing and shop around so you can really find the best foods for weddings. Any good caterer will allow you to taste samples and provide you with references from previous weddings.

If you and your family will be preparing the food make sure you have all the ingredients ahead of time and have the preparation well thought out. Remember you will be attending the wedding as well and don't want to be late. Another great option to get the best foods for weddings is to contact a local catering college and ask them to prepare the food. This would provide them with great experience and exposure in the community and you with a lower food bill.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wedding Invitations - It's Not About What You Say, It's About How You Say It

Wedding invitations are not as simple as they seem. Between wedding invitation selections, wedding invitation wording, creating a wedding program, and stationary, you're in a bit of a bind from the beginning. The invitation is the primary method your invitees will gather information about your momentous celebration, and likely something they will hold onto for sentimental reasons afterward. The presentation can neither be thought of as purely informational or as solely elaborate. Both purposes need to be served for a well-rounded invitation. Your wedding invitation will be a keepsake for generations to look back upon so its importance cannot be exaggerated. It can also be framed as a testament, a homemade certificate, and a symbolic indication of a committed marriage.

It's been decades since it was common practice for the educated bride, or her mother, or guardian to write somber, formal, minimalist notes. The times have changed for the better. However, women should have a little more sense than to just send out an Evite. Weddings need some measure of formality. Balance is key. Remember that humor, passion, delight, commitment, serenity, and pleasure need to all be represented and rolled into a single invitation. These, after all, are the elements of love.

When crafting an invitation, include the host's names first, followed by the request, the names of the happy couple, date and time, location, the time of the reception, the RSVP, and optional details such as clothing, attire, and required clothing accessories.

Non-traditional wedding invitations, however, are called for in many instances; blended families, two sets of parents funding it, the couple funding it, divorced parents are hosting the wedding, divorced parent and new stepparent are hosting the wedding, two sets of divorced and remarried parents are funding it, and the list goes on and on. The point is that we no longer live in a kind of society where the bride's parents always host the wedding, and, thus, 'request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter'.

The best wedding invitation possible will be the one that accurately reflects the couple's style, personality, charm, intelligence, and uniqueness. It should also reflect the tone, setting, and environment of the event and foreshadow the various characteristics of the wedding. Some people have beach weddings, others have costume weddings, and others have weddings at big churches.

The kind of wording that wedding invitations have is pretty simple, and you'll have no problem writing it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Planning - Part IX

In this last article in our series on wedding planning we're going to be covering the big day itself, the day of your wedding.

Well, you've finally made it. The day of your wedding. It seemed like this day would never come. Now it's here. Obviously the actual plans for the day are going to vary from person to person depending on time of ceremony and reception but there are a few things that are pretty constant.

For starters, this is the day when you'll be getting your hair done. When you arrive at the stylist make sure you go in some beat around clothes. You don't want to have your hair done in your wedding gown. If you're the groom, go get a haircut. Again, go in a pair of jeans and an old shirt. After you get home make sure you shower and shave since your haircut will probably have you looking like you've been shedding with all the loose hairs all over your neck.

For both the bride and groom, take your time getting dressed. Fortunately for both they'll have lots of help with this, the groom his best man and the bride her maid of honor. Make sure that after dressing you take a good look in the mirror so that everything is in place.

For the bride, make sure your makeup is applied properly. You don't want to overdo it here as the last thing you want is for people to think you're trying out for a part as a circus clown. Less is more.

If everything is going according to plan the transportation to the ceremony should be arriving at your home on schedule.

Have a family member check to make sure that everything that needs to be brought to the ceremony and reception is ready. The last thing you want is for something to be left behind and for someone to have to run back to the house to get it. Especially make sure you bring a change of clothes with you for when you leave for your honeymoon.

When you arrive at the ceremony let the clergyman take things from there. These people have done many weddings and you can be certain that everything will go as planned. You'll be nervous enough deciding if you really want to go through with this without having to worry about the person conducting the service screwing things up.

After the ceremony itself things will start to get a little crazy. At the reception the photographer is going to want to take a lot of photos and many things are going to seem staged. Sadly, they are. That's just the way weddings are. Go with it. Have fun with a lot of the cliche stuff. You'll look back at it someday and laugh.

Most of all, have a good time. This is YOUR day. Hopefully it will be the only wedding you will ever have if you're one of the fortunate few who actually stays married until death do you part. Take a good look around. Don't let the day pass you by. Make a mental note of everything that you can. You will be glad that you did this as your wedding day is one that you truly will want to remember. In a world where so much is forgotten so quickly this is one day you will hope to be able to replay in your mind for years to come.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Decorative Details in a Wedding Reception

To beautify a wedding reception, it takes a lot of hard work to do and a keen eye to check all the little details of the decorations that will use. A lot of creativity and imagination are needed when planning a wedding reception. You have to remember that it is the biggest part of the wedding and you will all spend most of your time there. Therefore, it should be pleasing and comfortable so that everyone will enjoy.

Draping and Floor Covers

Using matching fabrics and tiny lights, you can cover drab walls, distasteful ceilings and windows. Draping delicate fabrics may require an expert, but if you think you can then feel free to do so. Draping is not only applied when there's a need of decorations on walls and ceilings, but it's also used to enhance the room's sound quality.

Looking for a replacement to an over- sized rug? Would you like to have a separate dance floor? Check rental companies that offer party rental services, including rental carpets and modular dance floor tiles that are easy to set up and dissemble after using.

Table Cloths and Chair Covers

There is nothing more embarrassing to a well-detailed reception table than having a stained or threadbare tablecloth. No matter how beautiful the centerpieces and table settings are, if the table cloth used has so many obvious flaws, it would likely leave a bad impression to your guests. To avoid embarrassment, find stiff fabrics for the table linens of your reception and make sure that they were all washed clean and ironed before setting on tabletops. You also need to make sure that you are choosing linens with a size and shape that fits the table you have in your reception.

Consider the appearance of your chair covers as well. Seating arrangements are one of the focal points in a wedding reception. You have to beautify your chairs by either covering them with matching fabrics or leave them with their natural beauty but with a few add ons. Create a wow factor on the chairs by using soft tulle, adding embellishments at the back part or choosing jewel-toned chairs to complete a stunning table setting.

Table Centerpieces and Place Cards

One of the most creative details on reception tables is the centerpiece. Table centerpieces are often a decorative item that first to attract guests' attention. Great choices of centerpieces can set a wonderful mood for the venue and help pull off all the decorations used in the entire room. You have to consider your wedding colors and wedding theme when making or purchasing centerpieces. They don't have to be uniformed, but at least compliment to the type of wedding you will going to have.

Beautiful printed place cards make wonderful accents on the tabletops as well. Place card holders, if chosen with taste, can make serve a multi-purpose. There are plenty of beautiful place card holders that can be used as wedding centerpieces and wedding favors, aside from playing their typical role as card holders.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Going Green-A Guide to Creating an Environmentally Friendly Wedding

With the average wedding costing anything up to £25,000--far more than would be needed for a deposit on a property--and omitting an amazing 14.5 tons of CO2, it's little wonder that an increasing number of couples are looking at green wedding alternatives; not only will they be helping save the planet, they'll probably be saving money too.

But it isn't always easy to know where to start when planning a green wedding. Should you go the whole hog and have a 100% environmentally friendly wedding or should you just drop a few elements of the celebration in favour of green alternatives? The answer, of course, is that you should do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

The following are just a few ideas that can help make your special day more environmentally friendly.

Hired Clothes

Hiring your wedding dress and suit means that one of the main expenses will be drastically cut while you'll be "re-cycling". If you don't like the idea of wearing something that's already been worn, ask around as some wedding outfitters have brand new hire clothes available and while these will cost more than standard hire clothes you'll still be making a huge saving on what it would otherwise cost to buy new. If you aren't happy to part with your dress, an nice alternative is to buy a vintage dress.

Re-Cycled Invites and Similar

Invitations, table cards, order of service sheets and other printed paper are all available from most suppliers in re-cycled, unbleached card. To further save on paper, choose postcard style invitations (no envelopes). Use the invites to inform your guests that you'll be holding a green wedding and, after the ceremony, gather in your order of service sheets to be recycled.

Organic Food

Although this may work out more expensive than standard catering, not only is organic food is a more environmentally friendly option, it's a healthier choice too.

Flatware and Stemware

By renting glasses, dishes and cloth napkins you'll avoid having to use harmful, disposable alternatives.

Alternative Flowers

To reflect that you're holding an environmentally friendly wedding, use wildflowers in your bouquet and as decoration. Some florists specialise is wild flowers so do ask around. Potted plants also make lovely, living centrepieces. After the wedding they can either be given away as gifts or used in your own home.


Rose petals have become an increasingly popular alternative to paper or foil confetti (foil is especially damaging to the environment) but there are other alternatives available to use at a green wedding. Native wild flower seeds can be used but it's important you don't buy standard birdseed as these mixes contain invasive plants that aren't native to the area and can therefore cause havoc with the eco-system.

Blowing bubbles at an environmentally friendly wedding is a fun alternative to petals. Bubble fluid can be made at home by mixing washing-up liquid or baby shampoo with water and can be stored in recycled containers. Make a few pans of bubble mixture beforehand to be certain of the correct mix and leave the liquid overnight to thicken.


Instead of giving favours you could give your guests a hand-made card decorated with pressed wild flowers. The card should read something like: "Thank you for joining us today. A donation to charity has been made in your name." Another nice idea is to wrap a bulb in a piece of muslin and tie it with jute. Add a note explaining that they should plant it in a pot or garden as a lasting reminder of your day together.

Choosing just a few environmentally friendly options is better than making no changes at all and, who knows, your green wedding may be the catalyst needed for others to make some green adjustments to their lives.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Smarten Up! Boy's Clothes for Weddings and Special Occasions

A smart shirt, tie and a pair of formal trousers normally complete the ensemble with the most important bit being a shiny pair of shoes. This is the usual outfit for most boys attending a wedding, but there is no reason why this should always be the case.

This is brought about by the perception that a boy's suit is an expensive purchase which will only be worn on a couple of occasions. Most people associate the expense of a new boy's suit to be comparable to that of a similar man's garment, but this is no longer the case.

Boy's 4 piece suits, boy's 5 piece formal suits and boy's 5 piece tailcoat suits are now available in the UK for a fraction of the price of an equivalent man's suit. this takes away the problem of cost, when a 5 piece boy's suit can be bought for under £30, and the individual pieces of the suit can be mixed and matched with the boy's other clothes.

With regard to weddings, it's now cost-effective to clothe all of the boy's in the immediate family in smart suits which reflect the nature of the day, and which also stop the need for any arguing about "who's wearing what.." Most weddings these days cost an absolute fortune, so buying ready made suit ensembles helps with the budgeting process and removes one of the imponderables from the "what needs to be done for the wedding" list.

Boy's suits are now available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs, so finding suitable outfits will not be a problem - Smarten Up and smarten up your boys at the same time! The kids will love it and if they grow out of them quickly, you can always recoup most of your money by re-selling the boy's suits on eBay.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wedding Day Fashion For Men

A wedding is the chance for men to dress up and get groomed. This time of year is generally regarded as the busiest period for formal hire and booking suits for weddings so a little advanced planning never hurt. What can you do to guarantee you make a great impression during the wedding season or on a special day?

Certainly, the first thing to remember is to decide well in advance what you will be required to wear, thus making sure you have plenty of time to shop around and find the best deal. Tradition dictates that the groom, best man, ushers, father of the bride and groom's father should all look similar -- a general rule of thumb is that if the groom is wearing morning dress, other men in the party should too -- and the bride will often have preferences about what she wants the men to wear. Whether you are in the wedding party or a guest, you want to make sure you have the right kit. A simple morning or dinner suit will always offer style and sophistication; while a plain, formal shirt and well-chosen tie will compliment any well-fitting suit nicely.

Different wedding hire companies and retail outlets have different rates, selection and styles so don't just settle on the first deal you find. Some factors to consider include the formality of the wedding, the time of day of the wedding and the bride's colour scheme. It's also worth thinking about how much added wear you're likely to get out of the purchase. If you're sure you won't wear the suit again, it's makes sense for most people to hire a suit or tux rather than buying it. Otherwise, buying a suit for weddings and special occasions could be well worth it if you have a busy summer of weddings ahead.

If you are part of the wedding party, you'll want to stand out from the other guests. The bride and groom will have ideas on colours and styles and normally, when it comes to men's fashion, this involves accessories. Cufflinks, ties, button holes, cummerbunds and waistcoats are all simple ways of distinguishing the wedding party, and are offered as part of many formal or formal hire packages. You may also find some menswear stores offer special deals on suits for weddings at this time of year; deals include discounts or offers such as free shirt and tie packs when you buy a suit. Although this should not be the number one deciding factor in your decision, it is a welcome addition to any purchase.

Whether you are a guest or an integral part of a wedding this year, choosing men's wedding clothing can be challenging. Make sure you make the right impression with your suit or tux by planning ahead. Shop around for a great deal at formal hire companies or scour your local high street retailer for the perfect suit Remember: Weddings last a long time, often with much dancing and celebrating. Make sure your clothes are not just clean, pressed and appropriate, but that your suit fits you well and is comfortable enough to party in.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Dresses

It is a moment that every wedding attendee relishes, the first appearance of the bride in her wedding dress.

The style of her dress can set the tone for the wedding. If it's regal in design, relaxed and laid back, perhaps has a theme, or is old fashioned, it's logical to expect the whole wedding celebration to mimic it.

In finalizing plans for the perfect wedding it's sometimes necessary to compromise on a number of aspects, usually to fit within the budget. If at all possible, don't compromise on the dress. It should be exactly what the bride wants.

To help that wedding-dress-dream come true, regardless of how regal the dream be, be creative in sourcing it.

Here are a few suggestions:

~the bridal shop
~try to find factory outlets
~on line
~retail clothing stores (not necessarily bridal oriented)
~try vintage clothing stores
~self sewn
~have a friend or family member sew it for you
~a custom dress from a dressmaker
~wear your Mom's or other relative's dress
~wedding dress rentals

Each of these options for getting your wedding dress have pros and cons, and must be examined in the context of your own wedding and dress requirements.

As you begin your wedding dress hunt, it might help to answer these questions.

~what style of dress (simple, elaborate, sleeve style and length)
~what dress length
~what color of dress suits me
~do I want a train (length, have it removable)
~is a veil or headpiece part of my plan
~what shoes do I need to complement the dress
~is there a special piece of jewelry or other memento that I plan to wear on the dress
~if a theme wedding how does that affect dress selection

Can you prioritize the list of wants in case you find a dress where everything but one or two attributes are perfect, and you change your mind a bit to grab the near-perfect dress?

Don't despair. You may take weeks to find a dress, or you may find one the first day! Shop manufactured dresses are notorious for long lead times, maybe up to six months or more. Completely custom wedding dresses can take even longer to receive.

Almost any wedding dress may need to be altered just before the wedding to take into account changes in the bride's shape or size.

The point? When a wedding is in the offing, waiting until the last moment for embarking on the dress search may mean that you will be disappointed in not getting the wedding dress of your dreams.

Begin your search at least 9 - 12 months before your wedding date.

One more thing. Make sure your wedding dress selection and alternation makes it very comfortable for you to wear. You will probably be wearing this dress for a really long time on the day of your wedding, and you will need to be comfortable in it all day long.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Planning Your Wedding

EVEN WHILE the bride AND the groom are discussing where to spend their honeymoon, assembling their trousseaus and planning their new home, it is none too soon to begin thinking of definite plans for the wedding. As already pointed out, the one thing that must be fully decided upon and completed is the budget. Without specific information on how much she may spend, the bride would find herself working in confusion and uncertainty. But once the budget has been established, the bride will then want to set about her plans. She must get estimates on every phase of the wedding-ceremony, decorations, music, invitations, reception, wedding clothes, gifts, tips, gratuities. She must decide the kind of wedding she will have-whether formal, semiformal, informal-the kind of reception; and the number of guests at each. Only then will she be able to decide on her wedding clothes. She will find that nothing she can ever undertake will require more careful and accurate planning than the preparations for the wedding. And she will find that if she wants to be sure not to omit a single item, she must put every single thing on paper.

The Bride might well compare the wedding-and its planning-to a big-time theatrical production in which she acts as producer, director, stage manager and star, all in one. She needs to know how much she can spend; what the stage scenes and sets will be; how to work with and direct her 'cast' to bring out the best in each; what props she requires and how to assemble them; what the costuming will be. And not the least important, how she herself may give a radiant performance! And yet-none of this will prove formidable to the bride if she begins working and planning far enough in advance. And if she gets every item down on paper to check off, item by item, as each is accomplished. So sharpen all pencils and begin the paper work!

Division of Responsibilities

QUESTION I: What are the main divisions of responsibilities for the wedding?

ANSWER: Financial and functional.

QUESTION 2: Who takes the responsibilities?

ANSWER: The bride-to-be and her family, the groom-to-be and his family.

QUESTION 3: What are the responsibilities of the bride and her family?

ANSWER: If the wedding is to have a double ring ceremony, the bride provides the ring for the groom.

the bride's linen, lingerie, clothes and luggage trousseau, Ordering, addressing, stamping and mailing the wedding invitations and announcements, Providing the stationery trousseau,

Planning the color scheme for the ceremony and reception.

Providing the transportation from home to church to reception for the bride's family, the groom's parents and the bridal attendants (either by hired limousines or borrowed cars). The wedding ceremony, including the church rental (if any), special equipment needed for the ceremony, organist's, vocalist's or special musicians' and sexton's fees, pew ribbons, aisle runner, canopy, candelabra. Deciding upon the type of reception, place, hour and menu; catering (food and beverage), wedding cake, announcer, gratuities, parking facilities, awnings, canopies, ground coverings. Arranging with traffic officer to assist with traffic at the church and reception (including his tip); parking service at the reception (amplification system, men to take care of guests' cars). Wedding clothes-planning and selecting the bridal and bridal attendants' outfits, dresses for both mothers and the bride's father's outfit (he will dress according to the groom's decision for what the men will wear). Flowers-decorations for the ceremony and reception, attendants' bouquets; and the selection of the bridal bouquet and the mothers' corsages (for which the groom will pay).

Music at the reception.

Photographs-formal bridal portraits (if desired) and candids.

Newspaper publicity.

Thank-you notes for wedding gifts, and the display of gifts (including insurance during display).

Bridal Registry-china, silver, crystal patterns. Pre-wedding parties-bridesmaids' luncheon; tea for friends to see gifts and trousseau; bridal dinner (which may be given by the groom's mother). Accommodations for out-of-town guests. Gifts to groom and bridal attendants; parents' gift to bride and groom.

Instructions to bridal attendants.

Wedding books-gift listing, and one for guests to sign at the reception.

Listing items for honeymoon; packing and delivering luggage and going away outfit to the place of the reception.

Attend the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

QUESTION 4: What are the responsibilities of the groom and his family?

ANSWER: Providing the engagement and wedding ring for the bride.

the groom's clothes and luggage trousseau; deciding upon what attire the men in the wedding will wear; providing his own and his mother's and father's wedding clothes (his father will dress according to the way the other men in the wedding will dress).

The bridal bouquet, going-away corsage, corsages for the two mothers, boutonnieres for the best man, ushers and both fathers (and sometimes the bridesmaids' bouquets). Accessories for best man, ushers and both fathers-ties, gloves and spats (optional).

Gifts to bride, best man and ushers; groom's parents' gift to bride and groom.

Marriage license (while the bride and groom go together to get the license, the groom pays for it). In some areas it is accepted that the groom pay for the blood tests for the bride as well as for himself.

The clergyman's fee. Accommodations for out-of-town guests of the groom's family; the best man and ushers and their wives. The bachelor dinner (this may be given by the best man or be a 'dutching' party). Rehearsal dinner (or the bride's parents may prefer to give this).

Instructions to the best man and the ushers.

Packing and delivering luggage and going away clothes to the dressing room at the reception (or placing the luggage in his automobile if it is to be used). Attend rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

Make all honeymoon arrangements including transportation from the place of the reception to the honeymoon take-off.

QUESTION 5: What responsibilities have the bride and the groom together?

ANSWER: In conference with both families, they:

  • Set the wedding date.
  • See the clergyman and make definite arrangements with him.
  • Decide upon the type and hour of the wedding ceremony and the reception.
  • Decide upon the number of bridal attendants and groomsmen and invite them to participate.
  • Make up guest lists.
  • Decide upon musical selections for ceremony and reception.
  • Arrange seating in church and at reception.
  • See their family doctors for blood tests, routine check-up, etc.
  • Get the marriage license (for which the groom pays, see above).
  • Attend rehearsal dinner, rehearsal, ceremony and reception (naturally!).
  • Take off for honeymoon.
  • Send telegram to bride's parents to thank them for the wedding.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Start Your Wedding Planning Today

Planning a wedding can be one of the more stressful things that you ever do. There are a lot of details to cover, many decisions to make. The good news is that if you get yourself organized you can cut down on the stress of this activity.

Start Big

Even if picking out the perfect favors or shopping for decorations seems like a good idea, it is best to hold off on that for now. There will be plenty of time for that later. Besides if you pick out the small things now, there is a chance that you will change your mind about what you really need later.

The Location

Do you know where you are getting married yet? If you answered no this is where to begin. Where you are getting married can drastically change the look and feel of the day. There is a huge difference between a small backyard wedding and a huge church wedding. Choose wisely. Think about what your day is going to be like, what you want, how many guests you have and of course your budget comes into play as well.

The decision of where the ceremony will be held is one that needs to be made early because wedding venues may be reserved for long periods of time. If you absolutely fall in love with a certain venue you will need to see if they are available on your wedding date. If they are not you may either have to change the venue or the wedding date. If you change the wedding date this can affect other decisions you may have already made and that is why it is imperative to choose the venue early on in the wedding planning process.

The same rules apply to choosing where the reception will be held. You need to make this decision early, usually immediately after choosing the ceremony location. Also keep in mind that you will need to know what time the reception begins so you will need to know how long the ceremony lasts and give yourself adequate time in between the two for wedding photos and travel.

Choosing a Wedding Theme

Next you want to choose a theme for your wedding. Many brides are being creative these days and choosing to incorporate a wedding theme for their big day. You might be interested in creating a theme like the beach or a fairytale wedding. Even if a theme is not for you, it is still important to decide the type of wedding it will be. All weddings are different. Yours could be traditional, modern, elegant or casual. Making these decisions early will help the planning process go easier.

Choosing the Wedding Clothing

The final big decision you will want to make is the type of clothes for your wedding. This includes choosing the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl dress and ring bearer tuxedo as well as the tuxedos for the rest of the men, including the groom. Choosing these clothes will also help you decide on a wedding color, or colors, if you have not already picked them out.

Making Decisions of the Rest of the Day

Of course there are still many more details to choose, but those details will be much easier once the basics are covered. Once you know the type of wedding you are having and the colors and themes of the day you can truly start looking at flowers, wedding cakes, wedding food, music, centerpieces and favors. By waiting to start on the smaller details, you have made it so much easier. You know what will fit into your own wedding and therefore it will easier to choose the perfect invitations, decorations and more.