Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wedding Table Confetti - Real Petals Are a Classic Choice

Incorporating dried rose petals into a wedding ceremony have been a long standing tradition and remains popular even today. The uses for rose petals are endless but commonly include throwing them on the newly married couple after they have taken their vows, and sometimes splashed on the isle in front of the bride as she makes her way down towards the alter.

Each couple planning their wedding wants to add that extra little something to their day, that makes it magical, memorable or something that makes it feel 'right' for the couple themselves. Some have bubbles, butterflies, doves, but many more choose to incorporate rose petals. This is a classic and classy touch you can add to a wedding.

There are numerous ways that petals can be used in a wedding ceremony. One option is to have your flower girl drop the petals as she walks down the isle creating a path for the bridal party. The newly married couple could get showered with rose petals as they leave the ceremony. This can add a really magical, memorable and romantic touch to the day. Also, since rose petals come in so many sizes, shapes and colours, they will work as an addition to your wedding no matter what your colour theme is, they can be integrated very easily anywhere.

However you should think about ordering your rose petals well in advance. Remember that freeze dried petals can be stored for a number of months without worry of them decomposing. As a result of this you might want to consider getting them taken care of early and having them out of the way to avoid any extra stress as the big day approaches. These are available online in a variety of stores or any florist should stock freeze dried rose petals.

Fresh Petals - These need to be sourced close to the wedding day because they will start to decompose if left for too long. They can also stain clothing and cloths and may be slippery under foot. However they are beautiful and can add an amazing look and scent to your wedding day.

Freeze Dried Petals - These can be sourced some time in advance of the wedding as they do not rot down like fresh petals. They look amazing and avoid many of the problems associated with fresh petals.

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