Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Special Ideas For Wedding and Unique Wedding Favors

Whenever you look for or the pursue your exclusive nuptial gifts, you should not to give the gifts which other peoples might have used in their marriage, no tokens are the conventional tokens; except some like almond sugar in past times, which are now moved out long back. Even with the cheap rate you can merely build up the special tokens for the visitors at the minimal price which will be really considerable by the attendees. It is also positive to use various principles which I have written underneath to achieve the unbelievable outcomes any time you have nuptial related gathering.

First thing is you should do in planning your tokens is by approaching several themes for the nuptials that will speak the nature of the tokens you will present to the attendees. These themes can be work out by the time of the year the nuptials is like either in the summer or the winter or spring or even autumn as well as the civilization you want to follow, the guests you want to invite, with the origin of yours like Japanese, Indian, Continental Europe, Chinese, South East Asia, African or Latin etc. Other features which influence the state are your religion as well as place of the nuptials. It will be extremely hard to have the nuptials with summer themes in Alaska or somewhere nearby. Themes of the nuptials will itself create other stuffs falling in the place as you wish.

Other substantial thing is to have the economical tokens, you can surf on the internet for this; there are many online shops provide good discounts on number of things due to their low overheads. There is also likelihood to find the things in stock clearance or discounts; this is because the truth is those stores may not wish to keep some line of clothes or selling winter clothes in summer. The gifts which are bought can be misused their conditions to make it economical. You can also search for the craft shops around your home, from where you can get moldings on which you can print your own photo.

Other sources of such exclusive range of nuptials gifts is you yourself; think passionately of the stuff that you like and come up with the exclusive thought of the tokens which you can express to the attendees. The execution of your plan of gift is forever welcomed by the visitors, and they always sense that you think a lot about them to point that you can provide them view into your world. You can also discuss it with your friends as they are can share the ideas with you and you never know that you can have the best gift for the invitees, so never hesitate to discuss with them. It's your own event and you should be the pleased one! If you convey yourself, you will be pleased with your design for sure so feel free to express your passion.

Another factor is to discuss widely like people with knowledge may keep you from going in the same pitfalls same before few years they had fallen. They also can recommend you to the finest shops and inexpensive tokens as well. So, consult more experienced people and you will be astonished by the truth that how much worth experience can added.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Collaborative Wedding Budget - Coordinating Multiple Parties With Ease

For husbands- and brides-to-be with large, extended families, they often find that both sets of parents, and perhaps even grandparents, want to chip in to help defray the soaring cost of today's weddings, which, on average, come in at a whopping $20,000. Many couples, too, are electing to pick up the rest of the slack. Corralling so many people who want to help with the wedding budget can be a virtual nightmare though. Before simply accepting their good wishes and checks, the very first thing you should do is to sit down with your fiancé and chart a course of action to ensure you've covered every element of your wedding that requires a significant contribution. Planning a wedding with a budget in mind comes down to knowing what you're looking for in terms of venue, vendors, and necessities - this, however, can be easily put to rest with a systematic budget planning roadmap.

Planning a Wedding with a Budget in Mind

An itemized wedding budget detailing the specifics - such as the dress, food/drinks, venue, flowers, and band - will ensure you've covered all the major aspects of your wedding day.

At the top of your worksheet, spreadsheet, or what have you, list what you've decided is a reasonable amount to spend on the wedding. On the left hand side, make each specific and significant element that you must or would like to have a line item. For instance, the ceremony, which encompasses the venue/place or worship, wedding officiant, and any licenses, would be listed here. Decide on a true and honest estimate of what you're willing to spend planning a wedding on a budget, and then, at a later date, add what you actually spent so that you can keep accurate track of your finances. Other items in the left hand column should consist of things such as the reception (food/drinks, cake, favors, venue, etc.); wedding attire (bride's clothing and shoes, makeup, hair, groom's clothing and accessories); rings/jewelry; flowers (for the entire party and at both venues); music/band/DJ; photography; transportation (if applicable); invitations and signage; and anything else that would cause a significant dent in your wedding budget. Remember to include such essential fees as tips for vendors (about 15 to 20%), trial hair and makeup sessions, and dress/tuxedo cleanings and pressings.

As far as planning a wedding on a budget with your parents, his parents, and any other well-wishers (step parents perhaps), show them your finalized wedding budget at an informal, yet constructive meeting. Discuss costs and who can realistically afford what. In days past, it was common - and expected - for the bride's parents to pay for everything, a modern dowry in a sense. Today's weddings no longer involve such a considerable sacrifice, though it is still carried out by many traditionalists. At this meeting, you'll want to discuss how the payments will be made; maybe your parents would like to split something or pay for one segment of the wedding entirely. Will they be giving you one lump sum in a check or visiting vendors with you to pay upfront? Such concerns about planning a wedding on a budget should be dealt with by a frank talk that involves all parties.

Many wedding budget planners suggest opening a separate wedding account at your bank that's not linked with any of your personal accounts. This simple action will help you more carefully figure out what's been spent on the wedding and where the funds are going. You should also set aside an additional 5 to 10% of your overall wedding budget should mishaps arise. The likelihood that you will go over your budget is almost a given; the amount to which you do can be controlled, in most instances, by careful wedding planning, and that budget of 5 to 10% extra you've stashed away will come in handy. Scaling back from the get-go is a huge help; this includes things like not having a buffet (wasted food), having fewer bridesmaids, and offering just wine and beer at the reception (alcohol is a major expenditure). Still, if these are must-haves, just be cautious of vendors who try to upsell you to some better, improved service that you probably don't need. Research is a crucial part of planning a wedding on a budget, so make sure you do your fair share before visiting vendors and venues.

Fine-tuning Your Wedding Budget for Success

Far too many couples forget about planning a wedding with a budget in mind and have a bang-up, blow-out bash that ends up putting them in the red. Add that to any other debts, and you're starting your marriage - which should be thoroughly exciting - with a gray cloud over your heads. A well-planned wedding budget that's done from the start - with nothing unaccounted for - will ensure that you can mosey off to your honeymoon with nothing else to worry about but enjoying yourselves.

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Baby Hair Bows for Weddings and Other Beautiful Occasions

Beautiful Baby Bows
Having a little girl opens the door to many different fashion possibilities. Choosing clothing, hair styles, jewelry and accessories can be a full time process, but the end results often make these decisions extremely worthwhile. Baby bows can add a touch of personalization to any outfit, as can headbands, hair accessories, and hair clips. Since hair will only grow from birth, young girls have a wide variety of options for their final looks. Using a hair bow or band that will not slip from a child's head is important, since children are quite active, as are teens and young adults.

Baby hair accessories can become quite costly. Children pull on their hair often, and are fascinated with hair bows and hair clips, and may easily lose them if not always closely supervised. Hairclippy.com offers parents and guardians quality options for non-slip products that will not only look cute on their children, but will stay in place. From baby bows to hair bows that will not look out of place on teens and preteens, the selection is extensive and cost efficient. With a variety of colors and shapes like animals, flowers, and bows, these hair accessories are sure to have something for everyone, no matter the desired style.

A baby bow or hair bow in general will add to any look without becoming too complicated or intricate. Used simply to keep the hair from covering the face, a baby bow will allow a child to see the world around them without having to worry about something on their head. For older girls, these hair accessories can help make fashion statements, be used as "cheer bows" to promote school spirit, and and be used in place of, or in conjunction with headbands daily. These bows provide the wearer with hassle free fashion options for any occasion.

Available as gifts, hairclippy.com products come as single pieces or in sets to commemorate special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Even the packaging is customizable, and specific colors, patterns, and boxes are available to choose from. When thinking of a unique and stylish gift for a young child, look no further than hair bows and accessories; they are the perfect choice for the sophisticated young lady in question. Accessorizing is an important part in the lives of young women world wide, and starting from the top down is as good an idea as any.

These hair accents offer the perfect option to accessorize without going over the top, and are the perfect item to add to any outfit. From infants to teenagers, nonslip hair accessories can hold even the finest hair in place, will not fall out, and look great on anyone. A must have for all ages; the products on hairclippy.com are a quality solution for all hair accessory needs.

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Wedding Time and Money Saving Tips

Wedding planning begins right after engagement. You and your partner will decide whether to follow your dream wedding or just have a simple one and save extra cash in starting a family. For me, I'd rather have a simple wedding then save the extra cash for future use.

My fiancé and I have been engaged for more than a year. We started our oculars to hotels, reception areas, gardens and wedding expo 2 months after our engagement. We have learned so much from our visits on how to save money to be spent in reception areas, caterers and other important stuff.

This article will discuss the steps in planning a simple wedding.

For every wedding it should begin with saving - saving money for the wedding. This can be done right after the engagement or at least a year before the wedding. At this time, the couple should discuss and decide if they want the wedding that they dream or a simple one. Also, the couple should know how much they will spend in major things like church, caterer, reception, rings and clothes.

Since saving has been done, next is reservation. The couple should save the date and time of the wedding to the desired locations like church and reception areas. It is time and money saving if the church and reception area is few feet away from each other, probably a street in between. Or the place could a ride away. The couple should do the same in reserving hotel rooms and bridal car.

It is also time and money saving if the suppliers are within the vicinity of the wedding. Get the best caterer, cake maker and florist in town.

For photographers and videographers, wedding coordinators, makeup artist and florist services - you can get these services few bucks lesser than the original price. Check out the available promo dates for these suppliers. Of course, check their portfolio to make sure that they're the best.

Wedding attire - I adore gowns made by famous fashion designers but I can't afford it. There is a way to have stylish gown without spending big. All you have to do is get the design, get the same cloth and get a professional dressmaker.

The couple shouldn't spend so much for wedding invitations and other paper supplies. Most visitors won't be keeping the invitations and programs after the event. I suggest to DIY the wedding invites. It is easy to design using the computer and print it through the home printer. If you're not good with the design ask your younger siblings or relatives to do it for you.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What To Wear To A Wedding

Your friend is getting married, and you got invited. This is her big day and not yours. So how do you shine with your style without stealing the limelight from her? Here are some nice tips and tricks for you to try out.

1. Know the theme and own it

Nothing irritates a bride more than a guest showing up, sticking out like a sore thumb, because he/she is not wearing the right clothes or style for the theme for the wedding. This is an indication that the guest definitely only thinks for his/herself and not the host. That's definitely bad manners.

Sure. There are some weird wedding themes that may not look good on you, but this is their wedding and not yours. If you're a real friend, you will do this sacrifice of just a few hours of your day!

The way to deal with this is to think of it as a trend. How would you incorporate this specific "trend" into your style?

Gothic theme and your style is girl-next-door? Wear your white cocktail dress and add on a lot of black accessories, shoe and a nice goth head accessory.

Carnival theme and you're all about corporate wear? It's all about the color and the fun. You don't have to be the bearded lady, but you can channel the colorful theme into your wardrobe by pairing your well-structured black blazer and black pencil skirt, with a colorful necklace and a small clip-on mad-hatter's hat.

Gossip girl theme and you're a flower child? Pair your organic button down top with a black pencil skirt, black heels and pearl necklace. If you have a floral clamp/brooch, attach it to your pearl necklace. You can't go wrong with that.

2.  Know the place and get ready for it

Not only will this be for the bride, but it is for you as well! This is about the environment and how you should prepare for your own comfort when you go there.

Garden wedding? Try a knee-length, spring-inspired cocktail dress with a wedge shoe.  Not only is this just appropriate for the theme (flora and fauna) but the wedge shoe will definitely make sure you will not sink in the beautiful grass garden.

Beach wedding? Nothing says formal beach wear than a nice opaque, maxi-dress. Remember, this is still a wedding. We want the attention to all be on the couple only. So make sure that your maxi-dress is not a cover up and you are wearing your skimpiest bikini inside. Honestly, both the couple and the other guests would like to focus on the ceremony and not your well-toned and tanned body.

Wedding at a Church? Remember to  know what kind of Church you are going into. If the Church is definitely calling for something formal, look to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration. Don't go Marilyn Monroe.

3. Know the time of the day and let that guide you in choosing the final pieces

You can't wear a bare all cocktail dress for a chilly evening right? Your full on faux-fur coat definitely does not do you any good under the scorching heat of the sun at noon time at the beach. So make sure that you know what time the wedding will take place.

For day weddings, it would be nice if you chose clothes that is cool and allows the skin to breathe. You can bring a shawl or scarf to cover up your arms when the situation calls for it.

For night weddings, sleeves can be on and wear clothes that can keep you warm, even without a jacket. This way, you would look and relaxed as a guest and not bundled up like a grizzly bear.

January 4, 2012

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Great Ideas for Your Wedding Shower Cake

There is no better way to send off your friend or sister into the wonderful world of marriage than through a bridal shower. Just like any kind of shower however, a wedding shower cake is an important part of the occasion. Treat the bride to be to a special wedding shower cake with these ideas.

Everything on It

Make the bride's wedding shower cake an extravagant piece. A wedding shower cake doesn't need to be multi tiered so you can easily spend for a luxurious one layer cake. Top a fruitcake or a cream-filled chocolate cake with fresh fruits, nuts and colored shavings or go for a real berry filled and topped wedding shower cake. Experiment with a variation and combination of different high grade fresh fruits for a delicious and healthy wedding shower cake.

Message Cake

Bake or buy a plain triple tiered chocolate or sponge cake. Equip your guests with icing tools and let them leave their sweet messages on the bride's unique wedding shower cake. Present the bride with this surprise wedding shower cake as she opens her shower gifts.

Groom Message Cake

This is a variation on the message cake. Buy a plain cake and write the groom's special icing message for his bride on the wedding shower cake. Pick a message that is significant for the couple or ask the groom to draft a special note.

Picture Cake

Go to your local bakery and have the bride or the couple's picture transferred in icing on the shower cake. Pick a close up picture with less small details for great visual results. Top with well wishes.

Piñata Cake

Save the real cake for the actual wedding and get a piñata cake instead for a fun game. Hang this inedible wedding shower cake and ask the future bride to do the honors of showering the guests with some sweet treats.

Fake Cake Centerpiece

Another inedible wedding shower cake idea would be a rolled cloth or rolled tower centerpiece decorated with ribbons and a topper. Have special messages, gifts or cash rolled along with each cloth piece and ask the bride to carefully pick and unroll her wedding shower cake apart during the gift opening session. You can also stack plastic baskets filled with gifts and home items for the bride and her new home. Decorate the baskets with traditional wedding cloths like tulle and satin ribbons.


Instead of real cake layers, serve a wedding shower cake tier of cupcakes, muffins and cheesecake. Sprinkle each cake piece with colored candies or chocolate shavings and decorate with a topper.

Humor Cakes

If the future bride is going to have an ultra formal wedding with no room for some humorous fun, then the bridal shower is the best event to bring out unusual cake toppers. Share the gift of humor by decorating the different tiers of a wedding shower cake with humorous cake toppers like a shackled groom or a bride dragging her prized conquest. Have a variety of toppers and let one or two fun loving guests give a descriptive narration of each topper.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Latest Fashion Trends In Indian Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas And Kurti

One of the great results of the Bollywood movies has been the introduction of the fabulous clothing worn in India and Asia to the rest of the world and especially the United States. The beautiful clothes that are worn seem to move like liquid around the bodies of stunning dancers, actors and actresses. The colors are alive and seem to tell their own story as they provide the essence of femininity to the women and masculine grace to the men. Many American movies are being made using elements of the traditional clothing worn in India and, if you are considering creating a fabulous, colorful wedding or special event, it will be helpful to know what type of clothing to look for.

Beginning with the Kurti, this lightweight tunic top is a great addition when worn with black trousers, jeans, or capri pants. The tunic is very comfortable and accents the body while giving you ease of movement. They are made from many different fabrics, but share the common love of unique embroidery and color that other Indian garb has. It is easy to find a Kurti for a special occasion or to get one that is great for everyday wear.

The Salwar Kameez is also known as the Shalwar Kameez and the Shalwar Qameez. It is traditionally worn in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India, and is the national dress of Pakistan. It is often worn to complement a sari, the traditional dress of India. The Salwar, or pants, are loose fitting and wide at the top then narrow at the bottom, normally fitting snugly at the ankle.

The Kameez is a tunic length shirt that can hit at the mid-thigh or close to the top of the knee. The side seams are open below the waist. Many bridge have designer salwar kameez made for their young bridesmaids with intricate designs and embroidery that matches the wedding sarees. There are four types of Lehengas that are worn for different occasions.

The most famous is the Lehenga/Ghagra Choli with its beautiful glittering mirror work, colorful fabrics and delicate intricate bead, stone and embroidery work. The bridal Lehenga is normally designed from silk, satin brocade, georgette or other delicate fabrics that give the bride a mythical beauty that is long remembered. There are three parts to the Lehengas. The Ghagra/Lehenga is an ankle length pleated skirt that flows and flares around the wearer.

The Choli, or blouse, fits snuggly and accentuates the femininity of the wearer with elaborate mirror work, patch work and a bare back and midriff. Lastly is the Odhi, Chunni or Dupatta which is also worn with the Salwar Kameez. These are often designed with such intricate detail and beauty that they are the choice for one of the bridal sarees. They are also the most favoured dress at national and international pageants because they bring out the true feminism of the wearer.

The Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli are very popular wedding sarees in the West and North of India. Normally designed from raw silk or brocade for weddings and formal occasions, this dresses have a pleated skirt that is ankle length and are embroidered to create dimension in the fabric.

The Sharara is relatively new and is a traditionally Muslim garment that shows the Persian influence. The wide leg pants are fitted to the knee, then flair. They create a loose flowing gown that is perfect for weddings or parties. The Lachcha is another beautiful dress that is looser and gives the wearer added comfort when they are dancing or doing a lot of walking. When you are choosing sarees for weddings or other special occasions, visiting an individual who is knowledgeable about the different styles, designs and what they mean will be very helpful.

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4 Things to Learn As You Plan Your Perfect Wedding and Prepare For Your Perfect Marriage

You've planned and are executing a major project together. This is incredibly important. There is so much that you can learn from your wedding planning, if you just take a second off from worrying about the wedding and figure out what really matters in your lives and in your coming marriage.

What, besides getting seating charts done, your bridal clothes organized, your honeymoon plan and tulle bags of chocolate almonds tied off did you figure out while you were planning your wedding?

  1. How to get things done: You piled up a mountain of tasks and you worked your way through them, one by one, or higgely-piggely... but you got there.
  2. How to work things out: Neither one of you (if you were paying attention) always got your way while planning your wedding. You learned, probably sometimes painfully, how to compromise and be considerate of your beloved's needs. These skills are urgently needed in a marriage. And now you have them!
  3. What relationship skills you might want to work on: We live in this weird perfectionistic world. The fact is most of us are fairly flawed. We're also very different from our partners. In addition we each have a certain set of skills and qualities. Say what you want, love doesn't solve all problems. Sometimes you just have to do the work. If you aren't making any progress without the directions, it helps to stop and ask for assistance along the journey. That doesn't make you weak; it just gives you a better sense that you might get where you might want to go. (Sometimes it helps you adjust your destination a little and make it all a lot easier on yourself!
  4. How to celebrate when you get things right (or even mostly right!): One of the best parts about the wedding, particularly if you remembered to put sleep on your list, is that you got to celebrate your incredible relationship and your wonderful accomplishment.

You did it. If you can plan a wedding, you can use those same skills to plan and improve your marriage. If you worked that hard for what was to a large degree a party, imagine what you can do when it really matters - when it's your life!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Renaissance Clothing - A Renaissance Wedding to Remember

The growth in the number of people who wants to try wearing renaissance clothing is greatly increasing. With occasions that embrace this kind of costume wear such as parties, festivals and even weddings, renaissance clothing is a surefire avenue for anyone who is eager to show off their attires to actively participate and join in on the festivities.

Specifically, in a wedding scene, the bride and the groom's party should have that romantic atmosphere fit for a renaissance period. There should be a hint of chivalry and grace which can be well associated to the occasion and the era. It would be helpful if there is an old church or other such setting that would suit the historical period. In addition, it would be great to help make the guests feel closer to nature by being outdoors. Adding flowers and ribbons on chairs, walls, and posts would also help in adding beauty for this joyous occasion. Candles too will add a touch of renaissance and romance.

The bride's renaissance wedding dress should likewise make a great impression. It can be something long and flowing with bell sleeves and intricate bodice that will flatter the bride's body structure without neglecting the much needed comfort for the bride. Recommended fabrics to be used are Twill, Gabardine, Silk, Satin, Embroidered Silks and Satins. The bride's renaissance dress will look better if it is laced at the sides or front and has a low-cut. Ribbons and laces are good accents for the renaissance dress with some golden jewelry with bright, shiny stones. That would definitely complete a perfect renaissance period wedding look.

The groom's renaissance clothing would be difficult since not all men would like to wear tights or leggings. Something that would fit any man would be a coat with silk brocade partnered with a good pair of leather boots. As for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, they can wear different colored versions of the couple's outfits or another good alternative may be to portray the different classes of the period for variety and authenticity.

The invitation could be designed with a wax seal, a medieval poem or anything Gothic that can tell your guests what the ceremony and the theme would be like. Hiring a bagpiper, a harpist or even a madrigal group would be especially great in the reception to fully envelop the renaissance party as well as the mood of the guests.

Other touches can include a guestbook that uses a quill pen and parchment scrolls for the menu or program of activities tied with velvet ribbons that will be placed on each table at the reception. Moreover, you can have a court Jester to entertain the crowd and address your guests as ladies and lords.

Personal touches can differ for every wedding since a renaissance wedding can be carried out with extensive detail, from the decorations to the renaissance clothing. Whatever the case may be, be sure that it will be a night to remember filled with fun and joyous celebration that the bride and groom's family and friends would love to cherish and talk about for years to come.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Purchasing Your Wedding Ring - 2 Shopping Tips For Brides And Grooms

You have finally decided on an appropriate day to get married. Now you are faced with the task of making preparations for the great day. You have to make a list of people you would like to invite, find a suitable caterer, shop for a wedding gown, and many more. All these preparations are absolutely necessary to ensure a great wedding. When you make your wedding checklist, remember to put in all these details. Don't forget to write, "Purchase a wedding ring" as the first item on the checklist.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is a challenging task. You have to invest a lot of time and thought into it. The wedding ring, after all, is not only an accessory, but also a symbol of your loving union. You have to wear it throughout your life together. Therefore, you have to select such a wedding ring that will delight you for many years to come.

1. Budget

Before you go shopping for your wedding ring, make up your mind about the budget. You and your partner should determine exactly how much you can invest in a wedding ring. You can then decide what type of wedding ring you would like to purchase depending on the budget you have in mind.

Wedding rings are made of a variety of substances. However, most couples prefer to purchase wedding rings made of 18K or 14K yellow gold. Many people prefer gold rings for engagement as well as wedding ceremonies.

Wedding rings made of white gold are now rapidly becoming more popular. White gold not only looks fashionable and trendy, but also matches the other platinum and silver accessories you might possess and clothes of different colors.

Platinum, being the hardest of precious metals, makes a very strong wedding ring. It lasts long and does not wear easily. Due to their long-lasting quality, platinum rings have an added symbolic value. They are, therefore, ideal for couples with romantic ideas of lasting love. Moreover, platinum resembles white gold and looks very elegant and fashionable. You should remember that platinum rings are very expensive. But if you want a ring made of material that can last a lifetime, platinum rings are the best for you.

Men usually prefer titanium wedding rings. Titanium is light and durable. It looks like white gold and is less expensive than platinum. The only difference is that titanium is light, and you are hardly aware of its presence on your ring finger.

2. Style and Design

A variety of styles and designs are available for you to choose from. You can choose a traditional plain wedding band or an intricate beaded design. You might also find the two-toned modern designs more attractive. The Celtic patterns with their ancient knot work are quite popular nowadays. Modern couples also find a precious stone set in the traditional wedding band quite appealing.

Usually, a bride would like to purchase wedding and engagement rings that match. If you want your rings to match and especially if you intend to wear them on the same hand, you have to take this point into consideration too.

When you shop for your wedding ring, keep your budget and the material of your choice in your mind. Since you have to wear your wedding ring for several years, choose a wedding ring that matches your personality and the type of clothes that you wear. Make sure that your wedding ring is very comfortable.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exploring the Ins and Outs of a Themed Wedding

When it comes to preparing and planning for the moment when two people join together as one, many couples aim to create the most fantastic experience. Themed weddings are a great way to present a memorable event, as well as have fun with a theme or subject matter that holds special meaning to both the bride and/or groom. Perhaps both share a love of classic literature and art or maybe love the water. Whatever the topic, it is now possible to incorporate all of these interests and subjects into a wedding theme to remember.

The Different Types of Themed Weddings

In regards to a wedding following a specific theme, there really is no limit to the kind of ideas that have been used or are waiting to become discovered. Some themed weddings carry significance between bride and groom, such as a planned event based upon a hobby they both share. Other weddings transport the married couple-to-be and their guests to another time period, where knights in shining armor ruled the land.

The possibilities are endless as themed weddings may touch upon romantic historical characters, such as Romeo and Juliet or Antony and Cleopatra or create the surroundings of famous places about the world, such as Paris, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. Below you will find some of the aspects associated with a themed wedding to consider when planning such an event:


To alert family and friends when the themed wedding will be held, invitations allow couples to highlight a bit of creativity. For example, Medieval or Renaissance-inspired weddings may utilize invites fashioned from ivory or beige parchment paper with details handwritten by a professional calligrapher. They may arrive rolled up and fastened by a metal ring, sealed with hot wax, or marked with a golden seal.


Themed weddings also allow bride and groom, and their guests to display a wide-range of clothing selections. Creating the feel of a royal Egyptian wedding and taking after Antony and Cleopatra, golden-laced gowns with spiral bracelets, heavy and exaggerated eye makeup, and snake-detailed crowns may appear. Medieval clothing is also popular in various themed wedding events. Attractively decorated kimonos are showcased in Japanese-inspired weddings, while Victorian, Tudor, and Edwardian gowns have graced the aisles of churches.


Depending on the theme, food may range from a banquet-style arrangement of fruit-, olive-, and nut-inspired entrees for a Tuscan-style wedding to appetizers and desserts molded into shapes that correspond with the main idea. For instance, flower petal-dotted cookies and mini-cakes with pink, lavender, and light blue frosting make great accompaniments for a Spring-themed wedding. Tropical-themed weddings should utilize a wealth of fruity flavors in their meals and beverages. Smoothies, grilled fruit skewers, and exotic fruit salads are just some of the things that guests may look forward to.


It is through the decorations that the atmosphere of a themed wedding is laid out. Tea lanterns add the feel of an Asian-inspired wedding setting, while paper dragons float from the sky with vibrant shades of red, orange, and green. Decorating the table, fortune cookies with personalized messages from bride and groom also set the scene. Silver accented goblets filled with wine as centerpieces for a Renaissance-themed wedding are sure to bring a smile to the faces of guests. To create the look and feel of a Hawaiian-inspired wedding, decorations may include coconuts, leis, palm trees, and explosions of color at every bend. Tables may showcase fresh pineapple, sand-filled trays of seashells, and exotic flowers.

Special Touches

Themed weddings also allow couples to live out fantasies as a Fairy Tale union may include bride and groom arriving on horseback or leaving in a horse-drawn carriage like Cinderella. Sometimes, a themed wedding can piggyback on a particular holiday. Halloween allows guests to come in their favorite costume, while Christmas-inspired weddings may showcase a winter wonderland theme with visions of silver and snow. Valentine's Day opens up a wealth of decorative and edible possibilities, while everything green may dominate a St. Patrick's Day union.

Themed weddings are becoming an increasingly popular approach across the world as couples continue to push the envelope of creativity and fun to their limits. When it comes to creating a unique wedding day, brides- and grooms-to-be are only restricted by the limits of their own imagination.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Significance of Wedding Dresses, Their Types and Trends!

Marriage ceremony is no doubt a grand and persistent moment in an individual life. It completely changes the way you live your lifespan. The women and groom are required to come up with wholly various and different subjects that they had never dealt with in their early lifetime. This is the reason why marriage ceremony is considered as a really great time for each man and woman.

Since marriage and after-marriage lifetime wholly gives you a different mode of living, so, marriage itself is a affair or occasion which is essential to be handled with grand care and joy also. If in instance, the wedding instants unfortunately get bad or scary due to any understanding, it greatly moves the affair as well as the enjoyment of the only one day for which the bride was ready since long times.

One leading component of your general conclusions for the marriage ceremony and the wedding day are your dresses. Clothes are really capable to meet or fail the worthy dreams of women. Appearing gorgeous and beautiful on the special day of marriage ceremony can really let the lady love the social function. In this clause we will face at a couple of utilitarian tips to prefer the best wedding clothes for you and will talk about different types of wedding dresses.

Types of wedding dresses. Their disadvantageous facts and advantageous facts:

With amount comes quality. Similar is with the instance of women. With an exceptionally larger amount of females and brides, everyone has their individual savor, mode, wishes and concerns. To come braced with the requirement and wants of all the ladies, there are millions of business organisations designing many categories of wedding dresses. Some of these classes of dresses are discoursed as under:

1) A-Line:
A-Line wedding clothes appears the same to some extent with the letter A. They have tapered lead and extend as they go down the body. These garments are used by many ladies who are plus sized and do not want to accentuate the second joints. Either the marriage is at country club or the beach; A-line wedding clothes can easily be suitable.

2) Ball Gown:
Ball gowns are for a even more traditional wedding and they have a fitted top. Virtually all body figure can acquire ball gowns. They accentuate the wanted parts of your body and can hide the unwanted portions. Ball gowns get a higher skirt also that hides the curves of the deeper body. So the ball gowns can likewise be employed for plus sized brides.

3) Mermaid:
These wedding dresses flare out from the knee joint. If you have got sound curves and want to emphasize, you can straightaway prefer mermaid wedding dresses. Mermaid wedding dresses functions best for your body style and you should utilise them if you experience prosperous in the matching. Since mermaid dresses emphasize the bends, so you should be clear and capable while enduring it.

4) Empire:
Empire wedding clothes are very much similar to A-line wedding dresses. The unique difference is that in A-line wedding clothes do not emphasize the below-bust area and Empire wedding dresses stress under the bust.

They give appearance of a extended bust as the stresses on the form. Though empire wedding dresses can also be adopted by every case but intermediate busts are not too much desirable for meeting with Empire wedding dresses.

There are numerous other families of wedding gowns too, which are only projected to get the ladies appear smooth and beautiful. But, what you must prioritize is your ease when wearing these wedding dresses, which must not be compromised at any cost.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vintage Weddings - Ideas For Your Vintage Wedding

Vintage Weddings

Settling on a theme for your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions of the planning process. For some, a vintage wedding is the perfect answer. Selecting a specific moment in time allows you to center all the details that go into making a spectacular wedding around the styles prevalent in that era. From the cut and color of clothing to be worn, to the decorations used at the reception, and even the music being played, your time period will be the focal point of a glorious event. Vintage weddings can have a fun and casual feel or a sophisticated elegance that permeates throughout the entire event. It's up to you to make it as relaxed or as formal as you want.

What to Wear

With the vast array of designs to select from, choosing the perfect dress is always difficult. Vintage weddings narrow the selection down considerably. Do you want an old-fashioned Victorian wedding? Perhaps you want the fun and sophistication of the roaring 20's. For a more casual and fun theme, you might want a 50's style wedding, complete with poodle skirts and cream sodas.

Whatever time period you choose, remember to coordinate both the bride's and grooms' clothing to reflect the theme as well as the bridal party's garments. If you want your guests to be included, remember to let them know in plenty of time to find appropriate attire. You might even want to investigate costume shops in their area that would have items they can choose from. Set the Scene.

For a vintage wedding to truly work, you need to have the right backdrop. The reception should send your guests back in time to the period you are focusing on. Victorian themes should include elaborate floral displays and lots of lace. Antique touches in the chairs and artwork in the room can also add to the effect. Sharp edges and clean lines are perfect for a roaring 20's era party and a soc hop is perfect for a 50's tribute. Speak with your caterer about how the waiters and waitresses will be dressed and spend a little extra time on the choice of foods that you select to help create the mood.

Wedding Music

An essential part of any wedding, the music is extremely important to creating the right atmosphere for your wedding and reception. You may want to hire an ensemble or group that specializes in the music of the era you have chosen to perform for the wedding ceremony and at least part of the reception. You might also have fun learning a dance from the era you selected to perform at the beginning of the reception. For those who want more modern music for at least some part of the reception, hire a DJ to take over for the last couple of hours.

Finding the right theme for your wedding can be a lot of fun. Reinforce the vintage feel of the reception with the right favors. A wide selection of favors is available at FavorFavor.com to work with any era you choose. From Victorian chair place card holders to art deco picture frames, you can find just the perfect memento for your guests to bring home to remind them of your special day for years to come.

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Help For a Wedding on a Budget

So you are on a tight budget and you are thinking about using plastic party decorations verses the traditional table cloth and cloth napkins. If you go with the plastic table settings you will save an enormous amount of money. Now if you are stuck on tablecloths you may be able to buy them at a discount price. For example if your wedding is in the spring and it is after Easter you may be able to buy the tablecloths in the colors of pastels for your wedding at a discount after Easter.

Next you will have to be ready to go to a couple of the same stores in different locations to make sure that you will have enough table clothes and napkins for your receptions tables. Another money saving idea which will add some class to your reception is to have your servers wear white gloves when they are serving wine and food. Just this step alone will make it seem that you spent more money than you had to. Do a price comparison online to see which online stores have the most reasonable prices for white gloves and check with eBay also.

Use seasonal flowers and accents for affordable elegance. For a summer wedding try using fresh fruit, such as grapes and green vines along with your flowers to add a touch of class. Also a touch of crystal charms from your local craft store will also set off your table flower arrangement. Make sure that you start early for any sales to save yourself money. Now if you need a how to video on flower arrangements just do a search on flower arrangements online for some outstanding ideas that are simple to put together.

Other places to get more ideas and details would be to watch the Martha steward show. Martha Stewart will show you step by step how to do a lot of crafts and flower arrangements that you can make for your wedding. If you follow some of these steps you should be able to save some money in the end

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Wedding Clothes For Men

There a lot of various clothing for men at events like weddings. A couple of simple steps must be taken in order to find the best wedding dress. The first step is to identify oneself. It is always stressed that it is important to know what you're doing. If you are the groom you are not going to wear the dress of the bride. First one must identify themselves to the role of what they are doing in the wedding. The groom must have the best looking suit at the wedding. That is because it is their wedding and they have to shine harder than all of their counterparts. Then it is important to get in to the intricate details. Once one has gotten in to the intricate details, they can solve the problem of how much makeup and stuff to wear. Usually, the guy just needs a little bit of makeup and work on the eyes. Also it would be great to take care of the eyebrows.

It is also good for the groom's helpers to be dressed accordingly. Every wedding has a theme and everyone involved must dress accordingly. For example, the grooms' guys have to have some variation that is mainly based on the wedding colors. These colors also have to contrast those of the groom. For the groom, the ideal color and item to wear is the traditional suit. Usually the suit is black and in this case, the girl has to be wearing white. There are times when the couple would like to deviate however. In this case, they can match and the girl will usually have to wear a cream colored garment that aligns nicely with the outfit of the guy.

Usually, the common belief is that women that have kids at the time of their wedding or simply women that are not virgins wear colors other than white at their wedding. This will disallow the male from wearing the traditional black suit. In this case, the male can go with a beige suit or a colored suit with silky inside garments. The grooms' men will also have to dress accordingly. The male parents of the couple will usually go with colors that correlate with the wedding and usually these colors are silky. There are also times when the colors do not match. This is usually done when the wedding is a different wedding. Like a wedding that is oriental or Hawaiian flavored. Guys also want to have essential accessories like cufflinks because they need to have that extra bit of style and swagger to get them over the top. Cuff links come in many styles.

Usually they can be engraved with some type of style or any type of engraving that has a stylish touch. Cuff links can also come in the style of a favorite baseball or basketball tam, however, those are not the necessary cufflinks that are required for this occasion. The cufflinks that are needed are the ones that have the name of a person's lover engraved in it. Dressing for a wedding can be hard for the male species, however it is rewarding and gratifying.

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Wholesale Tablecloths and How to Buy Them

Selecting appropriate table cloths for your table is very essential for improving the overall appearance of the furniture and thereby the attractiveness of your room. Everyone would like to have their rooms look smart and attractive. There are quite a lot of things one can do to achieve this. When it comes to decorating your tables, one might want to purchase wholesale tablecloths since this might be a more economical option.

There are lots of occasions which call for large scale decorations. A wedding is definitely one of the most important days in a persons life, and therefore people want to make it a very memorable one. This is one of the reasons why people do not mind spending their money lavishly for a wedding party. They want it to be perfect in all aspects. Therefore the wedding industry has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. People tend to pay attention to the minutest details when it comes to his or her wedding party decoration. Hence, wholesale wedding table cloths have a very important role to play in such a setting.

One can purchase such wholesale tablecloths where bulk sold-out sales are done. There are lots of advantages in buying from them. They will have a huge collection in display and you can select the fabric of your choice. This will be much cheaper than having to purchase tablecloths individually from different shops. One should never be driven by sheer profit alone. If one is ready to spent a bit more on such wholesale tablecloths, they will be intelligent investment for the future.

It is equally important to choose the right color for your wholesale table cloths. The theme you choose for decorating your tables and how well you implement it can decide how memorable an event will be for your guests. Another point to note is that your color selection and decorative style should reflect your personality. Another person would conclude your character by evaluating the way in which you have gone about decorating your house and its interior.

One can always hire professionals to do the decoration for you. It is quite understandable that all people do not have a flair for artistic design and decoration. But, they could always make suggestions and inform their hired designers as to how the output should be like. Such professionals would undoubtedly be able to implement these designs to your tables and other furniture, thereby providing a very personalized look to your home.

Tablecloths have some very specific functions. Its primary use in fact is to enhance the appearance of the table. They are widely used in restaurants, for business conventions, marriage parties, birthday celebrations and so on. From a business perspective, having your tables decorated by clean and wrinkle free table cloths can impart a demure look to your place. The decorative trim of table cloths can be enhanced by integrating additional trims, embroideries and borders Therefore, it is recommended to opt for wholesale tablecloths, because this can provide both quality and value for your money at the same time.

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Unique, Beautiful, and Cheap Wedding Decorations Ideas

You don't have to spend $10,000 or $15,000 on wedding decor for the experience to be memorable and enjoyable. Truth be told, you can spend less than half that and still have a great wedding ceremony and reception. How is that possible, you ask? Simple, through unique wedding decorations & ideas.

Cheap Wedding Decorations That'll Spruce Up Your Wedding...

Table Cloths: Yes, table cloths can be a decoration, but only as long as you use the right type. A simple white table cloth can't really be called a decoration. On the other hand, a table cloth that matches the color of your wedding -- pink and black, pink and blue, white and pink, etc. -- can be easily considered as a decoration!

Napkins: Another one of those unique wedding decorations ideas you probably didn't think of. Just like the table cloth, a plain white napkin can hardly be considered decor. However, throw in some colored napkins that match the theme of your wedding and you've got yourself another cheap yet beautiful decoration for the wedding.

Photos: Gather some of your "before wedding" photos and buy simple picture frames for them. Place the framed photos in small groups of 2 to 3 strategically around the reception area. These pictures will convey the joy & happiness the two of you have shared and why you're such a perfect match. If the color of the frames can match your wedding theme, that would be even better!

Ribbons & Balloons: As far as cheap wedding decorations & ideas go, this has got to be the best there is. Simply buy theme-colored ribbons & balloons in bulk and start decorating the reception hall with them. Use the balloons sparingly in groups of about 2-3, and then tie the colored ribbons to pretty much anything and everything you want.

If you can't save some money for the budget with these unique, yet cheap wedding decorations ideas, well, then you're in need of a lot more help then you let on.

Keep The Party Green! Eco-Friendly Tips for a Bridal Shower, Wedding, or Baby Shower

"Go Green" seems to be the current favorite phrase. Being kinder to Mother Earth is an important consideration no matter what the activity. For years going organic with foods and clothing has been a familiar road, but today being eco-friendly has slowly crept into many facets of our lives. It certainly has become the new consideration in planning bridal showers, weddings or baby showers.

The Responsibility of Being Eco-friendly

Today eco-friendly takes responsibility much further than just recycling a few newspapers and plastic bottles. It employs considerations that not only do not harm our environment but also maintain the natural order of things. For example, notecards and invitations made from hemp - a sustainable material that regenerates itself, has a quick growth pattern and needs zero pesticides or fertilizers to grow; or soy-based inks and natural dyes for printing and coloring - these are resources from nature that do not add to the carbon footprint. Also greatly reducing the carbon footprint is the use of post-consumer materials like recycled paper being used for 'new' product production.

Keeping a Bridal Shower, Wedding or Baby Shower Eco-friendly

Modern couples determined to employ organic and eco-friendly considerations in their bridal shower, wedding or baby shower plans have a vast number of choices available. Anywhere from organic and sustainable materials for wedding dresses and clothing to invitations and favors from recycled materials are available to meet their creative ideas.

One new idea in eco-friendly invitations and favors are those made from plant-able paper. These invitations are created from recycled paper or newsprint and then permeated with wildflower seeds. Plant-able favor boxes are made in the same way and can be filled with organic candies, natural soaps or such. The wedding or shower guests then have an environmentally friendly and lasting remembrance of the day. If not interested in plant-able invitations other choices include ones printed on recycled or natural fiber paper using soy or natural based inks and dyes. Hemp is a popular fiber used in making writing paper, note cards and invitations. Several specialty vendors have also used recycled products such as blue jeans and coffee grinds!

The special day can keep with organic and eco-friendly festivities in a variety of other ways too. Decorations can use organic cotton, hemp or bamboo fabric tablecloths with a replant-able flowering plant as a centerpiece. Plants can then be given to one lucky guest at each table with a note to consider Mother Earth by replanting. Organic cotton napkins or napkins made from recycled paper can be tied with a flowering vine- both are easy on the environment either to recycle or decompose. Menu selection can include Vegan, Vegetarian or Organic foods and treats. Better too if support were given to local farmers by using locally grown organic foods.

Get On an Organic Gift Registry

Family and friends contributing to the celebration can be asked to select gifts from registries set up at niche market places that offer organic, natural or eco-friendly merchandise. Couples wishing to follow a green lifestyle now have a large selection of products including furniture from sustainable woods; bamboo and recycled glass kitchen ware; linens and decorative items from organic cottons; hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, organic wool and modal clothing for men, women and children. Much too is offered, especially for infants, in the way of natural and preservative free personal care products like shampoos, soaps, skin lotions and shaving creams.

Easy To Keep The Party Green!

With the large selection of organic and eco-friendly products available it is easy to keep your party green. So if you are one that is concerned with our environment let your imagination run wild in selecting earth friendly products for your bridal shower, wedding or baby shower. Remember to do some up front research and let your guests know where they can find eco-friendly gifts.

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Rich Brown Accents For Your Wedding

Brown is one of the richest and warmest colors. It can also be very elegant and sophisticated, without the harshness of black. Used as a main color scheme or in combination with another color, brown is a wonderful choice for a wedding color palette.

The color brown actually has many great variations. There is deep espresso, warm milk chocolate, and light mocha - that sound delicious, doesn't it? The lighter shades of brown are lovely for an afternoon wedding, and the deeper tones are perfect for the evening.

Brown is also a color that can be used in conjunction with many other colors. For weddings, espresso brown is often added to pink or sky blue to give those colors a sophistication that they would otherwise lack. A very fresh and modern wedding palette can be created by mixing brown with lime green, and for an opulent look, try using chocolate with copper.

The bride and bridesmaids' attire will set the tone for the wedding, so this is a good place to use your brown accents. Brown makes an excellent choice for the bridesmaid dresses. A brown dupioni or satin is gorgeous for weddings year round; for a winter wedding, indulge in luxurious chocolate velvet. You can also have wedding jewelry handmade to coordinate as your bridesmaid gifts. Sparkling Swarovksi crystals in chocolate would make a beautiful accent to brown bridesmaid dresses. Create necklaces and earrings that combine the brown crystals with clear ones to keep the look from getting too heavy; the effect will be stunning!

The bride herself will probably not choose to wear a brown dress (although I did know one winter bride who did), but there are many great ways to use brown as an accent color for the bride's ensemble. One of the prettiest ways is to add a sash in a shade of brown to the bridal gown. If you want something subtle, choose a pale mocha, or be bold and wear a deep espresso sash at your waist.

Another place that the bride can add a dash of color to her ensemble is in her jewelry. Handmade wedding jewelry created from warm mocha colored pearls makes a stylish alternative to the classic white pearl bridal jewelry. A nice thing about mocha pearls is that they will be very easy to mix into your regular wardrobe after the wedding.

Brown can be used in many additional parts of the wedding. A stunning brown flower is the chocolate cosmo, which actually has a soft chocolatey aroma. For brides who prefer white or ivory bouquets, ask your florist to tie them with a chocolate satin or velvet ribbon. The deep brown ribbon will pop nicely against the lighter color of the flowers. A brown ribbon would also work very well with a pink bouquet, for a pink and brown themed wedding.

For a very elegant effect at your reception, look for tablecloths that are trimmed with a brown band near the hem. The crisp brown stripe against a lighter cloth has a great graphic effect that is very chic. Another great idea is to use espresso brown napkins over a sold tablecloth. They will really pop against a blue, pink, or gold cloth. Do be careful about using brown napkins with ivory tablecloths, though, because it can end up looking a bit drab.

One of the most versatile colors that you can use to decorate your wedding is brown. It is a great choice to add sophistication or to tone down a very feminine color scheme. Brown is one of those colors that can be worked into almost any wedding to great effect.

Prepare For Your Wedding Walk Down the Aisle

One moment of your wedding where everyone will look at you is when you walk down the aisle. The people are waiting to see the beautiful bride, as for you want to be the center of attention on your wedding. A wedding dress could fetch you some attention but if you want to look stunningly gorgeous then it is your diet and fitness that you need to work on.

Wedding preparations are very confusing and irritating at times, especially when you have put on weight and are worried about fitting in the dresses that you chose. If you are thinking about losing quick weight but fear that you have lost time, think again. If you do a little bit of research you will see that there is a lot of help around, you can even lose weight and couple of ounces at the very last minutes before your wedding. So stop wondering and act fast before you run out of time.

You can go for diet pills that help you reduce weight, at the same time they provide with vital nutrients. So this means that you need not worry about your body needs. These pills will work simultaneously providing your body with all its needs. You can further help yourself by doing some physical exercises that will help reduce quick weight and unwanted body flesh.

If you commit yourself at getting the perfect body shape you want before the wedding than nothing can stop you. If you are determined and focused on your goals you can reduce a lot of fat and to your amazement will find that you can fit in the clothes you always wished about.

You will be surprised to see that every soul is looking at you when you walk down the aisle. As for your husband, he will be amazed to see you look so stunning and gorgeous.

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What to Wear at an Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding clothes:

In India, the wedding rituals and clothes make the wedding as much as that of the Bride and her Groom. Both look their splendid best in gorgeous clothes. Not just the couple, but the guests attending the family and the relatives are often seen dressed up to the teeth. The Bride is dressed up in auspicious colors, where as the Bridegroom is dressed to exude a regale aura.

The Bridesmaids and Best men are often dressed in par with the bride and the groom. But they are toned down a bit because the day belongs to the couple. All the folks attending the marriage are decked up with gold jewelry including the Bride and sometimes the groom. The ladies are additionally adorned with Henna patterns all over their palms, hands, forearms, legs and feet. Sometimes henna patterns are replaced with Alta designs which are short lived and easily removable.

Indian weddings generally tend to continue for several days and new attire is worn each day. All these dresses and the color symbolize the meaning of marriage and the period that follows it. Indian wedding is one that gives more importance to details like different rituals and the various attires one wears to attend them.


Bridal wear are made in a wide range of fabrics ranging from silk to georgettes, from traditional Kanchipuram silk to contemporary synthetic fabrics. The designer wear for the brides have delicate brocade patterns as well as intricate Zari work. Heavily embellished with Swarovski, stones, crystals and Kundan works, the bridal wear series adds charm to the already gorgeous Bride. Brides have a wide range of attires like Saree, Choli, Lehenga Style Saree, Lehenga, Gagra to select from to wear on their D day.


A dazzling series of ensemble for Bridegrooms include majestic Sherwani, gregarious Suit, blended Indo-western suit and ethnic Jodhpuri suit. The exquisite shirts, coats and jackets are designed with extra care and touch to bring out the magnanimity out of the Bridegroom on the Marriage day. Precious embellishments are studded into the collars and the cuffs of the Bridegroom's dress. Available both in simple cottons and splendid, royal raw silk, these Kurta Pyjamas are a preferred mostly by the bridegrooms.

Bridesmaid and Family

While during a Marriage function, the Bride and the bridegroom take the centre stage, the Bridesmaid takes over everyone off-stage. Dainty Lehenga Cholis in bright colors, Long Cholis for the conservative, authentic Designer Lehengas and readymade Lehenga Cholis are usually selected by the Bridesmaid as wedding ensemble. Sometimes the bridesmaids wear sari rich in silk and embroidery too. Delicately put together with alluring fabrics of bright and cheery colours, these Lehengas bring out the playful nature of the Bridesmaid.

For engagement rings it is very important to choose a ring setting that your future wife will like. For diamond engagement rings there are a lot of traditional options like solitaire and pavé engagement rings. Check out different engagement ring settings and decide for yourself which ring setting is best suited for your future wife. Choosing the correct ring setting is not only a matter of taste but also a matter of convenience. Have a look at all the different ring styles and decide for yourself!

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Tips on Choosing a Ring Bearer Outfit He Can Use Long After the Wedding

There are many things to consider when shopping for a ring bearer outfit, especially if you want to reuse it. Things to consider are: child's age, personality of the child, formality of the wedding and colors of the wedding, just to name a few.

The child's age has quite a bit to do with choosing a ring bearer's outfit. If the child is young, you need to take the fabric into consideration. For instance, you do not want a stiff, scratchy or starchy fabric. The child will be uncomfortable, and will not want to wear the outfit again. Also, the ease of movement should factor in, too. You want the child to be able to move around in the outfit. When purchasing an outfit in advance, make sure you buy it large enough for growth spurts.

The ring bearer's outfit should reflect the child's personality. If the child is vibrant and energetic, the outfit should have punch of color. Also, it should have a bit of fun to it. Try adding a printed cummerbund and bowtie, for instance. After all, it's a child that's wearing it.

If a wedding is formal, then the ring bearer's outfit should be more along the lines of a tuxedo or suit. If it's less formal, then a nice pair of pants or even dress shorts would be appropriate. Also, keep in mind, what season the wedding takes place. Maybe a sweater would suffice or a polo shirt.

You should always keep the colors of the wedding tied into the ring bearer's outfit. If it's a formal wedding, then the tie or cummerbund should pick up on the colors of the wedding. For less formal, a button up shirt in the colors of the wedding would do just fine. A boutonnière can be used to help with tying in the colors from the wedding.

Now that you know how to pick an outfit to match the child and the wedding, the last thing would be how to make sure you can use it again. Make sure you buy the outfit with a little bit of room in it, so the child can grow a little without outgrowing it right away. By interchanging shirts and pants, you can use pieces of the outfit more often, too. If you purchased a cummerbund, bowtie or vest for the event, this makes a great keepsake for years to come.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting Clothes For the Wedding

Everyone wants to look their absolute best for the wedding ceremony. Having the right hair, the right outfit and even the right accessories can create all the difference. Even searching for the greatest you does not mean that you have to be awash in all the fuss. Be sure that you practice with your wedding day attire so that you reveal the most awesome you and not a you that you do not even recognize.

Organize a hair appointment far previous prior to wedding. Practice the hair style that will clash best with the tone of the wedding and with the style of the wedding attire. Flaunt the hairstyle around for the day to see how it holds up. Choose a style that is comfortable, durable and that reflects you.

Use your makeup for the wedding day and inquire with a friend to take some photos with that makeup on your face. You will be able to see how the makeup will appear in images and in person. Identify the best features but do not let the makeup overwhelm you.

Wear the big day shoes for tons of weeks before the ceremony. DO NOT wear them outside but do wear them around the house. You will be able to get comfortable with the shoes and you will also allow the shoes to get comfortable to you. Be sure to mark up the bottom of the shoes so that they will grip the floor and not be as slick as a smooth bottom.

Simple suggestions are all that you need to help you dress for your big day and unveil the best you that there is when you walk through the wedding chapel aisle.

I Am Wedding, Hear Me Roar

Salt or pepper, catchup or mustard, bread or toast, the basketball game court-side or a booth at the opera, guess what, you can stop making these small bothersome decisions. You do not have to worry about them anymore. No, you are not dead; you are getting married. It is the reason you were born. If you think about it, it is a pretty good deal, actually. I mean, women enjoy making decisions for other people. That is why they are so darn good in the workforce and why there should be a woman president.

If a man were in charge of a wedding, we would have some pretty plain and ordinary ceremonies with very little style and zero class. We would have roses, a woman would have roses, and about two dozen other flower varieties that make roses look good. We would have wedding favors; they would languish for years in someone's attic, closet, or cedar chest. A woman would have unique wedding favors that people would cherish and put on display in their homes.

Men can plan weddings and can come up with beautiful ideas that would enhance the wedding and make it special, but only by thinking like a woman. After the wedding, we would be heading for sports camp or a fishing resort to spend our honeymoons. By listening to women, we instead have a wonderful time lying on a beach being catered to by a staff that wants nothing but our happiness. I would not have thought of it but hey, I will take the beach any day of the week.

From the moment the doctor said, "It's a boy!" A woman started making decisions for you. Does it sound like a bad thing? Well, you would be wrong to think so. If it were not for that woman taking charge at that precise moment, you would have lain there butt naked, shivering in the cold, crying your heart out. (Just like the last time a girlfriend left me.) Women do everything well but what they excel at is making decisions. I am not necessarily referring to major, planetary stuff, although if they were in charge, there would be peace and the planet would be in great shape. I am talking about everyday stuff, weddings included.

Not for the catch and see if this sounds familiar to you because it is a design that was set up by a clever woman centuries ago and, with the patience born of womanhood, has proven throughout the years to be a huge success. From the day that you were born, you were "groomed" to be a loyal and obedient husband. Every decision in your life was made by a woman. She loved you and cared for you and told you what to eat, (and when to eat it) what to wear, (and how to wear it) and what to say (do I need to say it?)

Then came the day that we grasped at our independence and we took control of our own lives rebelliously. When mother lay our clothes out we left them there on the bed. We chose our own set of clothes from the closet and we left for school leaving her standing at the doorway with a defeated look on her face at least, until we were out of site. Then she smiled at our foolishness. After all, the closet is full of clothes that she picked out, not the man-child.

For the next twenty or so years, we believed we were making the decisions that forged our independence, never realizing that we were being cleverly manipulated into becoming the kind of husband she and your new wife's mother decided you would be years before you were born. Now, when you walk into a room and your mother, your mother-in-law, and your wife stop talking and smile at you, you jokingly ask if they were talking about you. They will all look at each other and laugh because they were talking about you. They were talking about how well you turned out and they were also discussing how to "groom" your son. Congratulations, you are about to be a dad.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Bride's Guide to Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Before you buy your dream wedding dress, you have to know the basic and most popular wedding dress styles around. Wedding dresses come in different shapes, colors, styles and designs. Without knowledge of the basic wedding dress styles, looking through each and every single wedding dress in a bridal boutique can prove to be a completely dizzying and overwhelming experience.To prevent wedding dress-related headaches, we've come up with a list of the basic wedding dress styles available.Some of the wedding dress elements you need to consider include the wedding dress neckline, sleeve style, bodice, and the wedding dress shape or silhouette.

The Wedding Dress Neckline

Your gown's neckline is easily one of the most noticeable parts of your wedding dress [out]. During the wedding photo ops, close-up shots will showcase your wedding dress neckline. The following are some of the most popular wedding dress necklines available.

* Asymmetrical: The asymmetrical neckline has a diagonal neckline designed to show off a woman's beautiful shoulders.

* Off-the-Shoulder or Off-Shoulder: This neckline sits below your shoulders. It's the perfect neckline if you plan to show off your shoulders and your collarbones. This is a universally flattering design that can draw attention to the bride's neck and shoulders.

* The bateau is a relatively straight neckline that sweeps gently across the curve of the collarbone to the shoulders. Bateau or Sabrina necklines are perfect for brides with small bosoms, as they enhance the chest area.

* Portrait: A lot like the off-the-shoulder style with a wide scoop neckline, the portrait neckline has fabric that covers the bride's shoulders. It's the perfect neckline to show off the neck and the collarbones while masking the bride's upper arms.

* Jewel or T-Shirt: The jewel neckline resembles the cut of the T-shirt, in that the neckline is high and round, sitting at the base of the bride's throat. Jewel necklines are perfect for brides looking to enhance the bust area.

* Sweetheart: The sweetheart neckline, as you can already tell from its name, is shaped like the top of the heart at the bust line. It is typically strapless, accentuating the bride's cleavage.

* V-Neck: The V-neck wedding dress has a neckline that dips at the front of the gown, creating a "V" shape.

* Scoop: The scoop neckline is a classic, with its U-shaped neckline continuing at the back of the wedding dress

* Halter: The halter neckline has straps that wrap or tie behind the bride's neck. Most halter wedding dresses feature backless styles, creating a subtle but incredibly sexy look.

* Strapless: Mostly cut straight across or with a slight curve, this sleeve-style is sleeveless and strap-less. This is probably the most popular wedding neckline preferred by millions of brides in the world.

Wedding Dress Sleeves:

Your wedding dress sleeves can directly affect your gown's overall look. The following are some of the most popular wedding dress sleeve styles available.

* Spaghetti Straps: Skinny straps are designed to show off the bride's arms and her shoulders. Its modern and subtly sexy style makes it an easy favorite of most modern brides.

* Capped Sleeves: Shorter than your average T-shirt, capped sleeves are gently rounded to delicately cling to the bride's shoulders. Capped sleeves are the perfect choice for brides with toned or slender arms.

* Three-Fourths Sleeves: A classic, this sleeve style refers more to sleeve length than to the actual design of the sleeves. Consider the three-fourths sleeves the perfect option for brides who want a ladylike and classic look for their gown. It's also an excellent option for women who wish to keep their arms covered. These sleeves end midway between your elbows and your wrists.

* Sleeveless: This style is sans sleeves. Choosing the right neckline for this sleeve style is essential for finding the right wedding dress style.

* T-Shirt Sleeves: With sleeves like your regular T-shirt, you're bound to feel absolutely comfortable in this simple but elegant number. Its short sleeves also offer excellent upper arm coverage, making it the perfect choice for brides who are a bit reluctant to show off their arms.

Wedding Dress Bodice:

Your gown's bodice pertains to the whole upper body of your gown, including the sleeves, neckline and your gown's skirt.

* Empire: Empire wedding dresses are perfect for petite brides. The bodice style typically ends right under the bride's bust, with the skirt flows softly underneath.

* Halter: More than just a neckline, the halter bodice is a sleeveless bodice that has straps that tie or wraps around the bride's neck.

* Corset: The days of everyday corset-wearing women may be long gone, but corset-clad brides will tell you that this form-fitting bodice is the perfect choice if you're looking to enhance and emphasize your body's curves. The tight fit can help push up your breasts, adding size to your bust, while tightly containing the waist area to create the illusion of a smaller waistline.

* Drop Waist: Looking to lengthen your torso? The drop waist bodice enhances a small waist and lengthens the appearance of the torso by having the bodice end just above the hip region.

* Surplice: The surplice bodice has fabric that cross-wraps either in front or at the back of the wedding dress

* Tank: Sleeveless and short, this bodice style is perfect for any body type.

* Midriff: Tight fitting around the middle part of the ribcage, this bodice style accentuates a slim and small waist.

* Princess-Line: This bodice style is creates the princess silhouette. The sleek bodice has two parallel and vertical seams that go from the bust of the bodice to the hem. The seams create a slimming and lengthening effect.

Wedding Dress Shape:

The wedding dress shape, also known as the wedding dress silhouette refers to the basic shape or form of the dress.

* Princess or A-Line: The A-Line skirt of the princess dress creates the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure. The bodice is shaped like a "V" with a princess bodice and an A-Line skirt that flares gently from waist down.

* Ball Gown: Another dress shape fit for royalty, the ball gown has a fitted bodice with a poufy skirt usually made from layers and layers of tulle supported by a hoop under the skirt.

* Sheath: A slimming dress shape, the sheath lightly skims the bride's figure, creating a lovely, fitted look.

* Mermaid: The mermaid dress shape has a form-fitting bodice with a sheath-like skirt that clings up to the knees, where the skirt then flares gently to create a mermaid silhouette.

* Empire: The empire-style wedding dress has a high waistline, usually directly under the bust, with a flowing but not necessarily form-fitting skirt that falls gracefully from the bodice.

* Bias Cut: The bias cut wedding dress style has a fabric with a diagonal cut that's perfect for tall brides. It has a slimming effect that is perfect for brides with slim to medium-sized frames. It's not recommended for pear-shaped brides and full-figured brides due to its form-fitting nature.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wedding Essentials - Looking Into Wedding Dress Bridgend Options

We all wanted our weddings to be perfect and beautiful. It is a once in a lifetime event (unless we divorce). Therefore, we really have to prepare for the special day. Aside from the cards and the giveaways, the wedding dress is the best keepsake of all. Most of women want to keep their wedding dress forever so they really have to buy one or have some designer do the dress for them. Wedding dresses are expensive and some may not be able to afford them. This is the reason why some women just opt to rent the wedding dress from the bridal shop; some borrow from friends and relatives. Others try to modify the wedding dresses that are given by their mother or relatives. The important thing is that they have some beautiful wedding dress for their wedding day.

For women living in Bridgend that are getting married, wedding dress and clothes are not a big problem. Bridgend bridal dress shops are scattered everywhere. One can hop from one shop to another to find the best wedding dress for them and the best clothes for the entourage if there is any. It is not difficult to find out the price range of wedding dresses in Bridgend. It is because Bridgend bridal dress shops have their numbers available on the yellow pages. One can just browse through their numbers and call each shop to canvass for the prices. The most convenient way to look for the different dresses design is to personally go to the shops and try on what you like.

Each Bridgend bridal shops have different concepts and designs. Therefore, the brides can really choose the design of the dress they want to wear on the wedding day. If the bride wants to and have it designed and sewn in Bridgend bridal dress shops, she can choose to do so. Bridgend bridal dresses have very beautiful designs and what women have to do is to choose the best and reserve it until the wedding day.

Weddings and Weather

I am writing this after another busy week-end of catering for weddings and thought it would be a good idea to talk through some of the pros and cons of the weather as it affects each and every couple that get married. As I write this it's been one of the hottest week-ends of the year so far and that in itself has thrown up a few problems. The weather is something that nobody can control but plays a massive part in someone's wedding day.

In an ideal world the weather would be warm and sunny with a bit of breeze, no need for coats, perfect for photos and everyone would be happy and cheerful. In reality that doesn't happen. It's too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, very rarely perfect.

In a way winter weddings are best as no-one has any expectations. If it's dry it's a bonus, whereas in summer it's difficult not to feel hard done by if the weather doesn't conform. I'm writing this in early summer 2012. The year started with a glorious March, not just sunny but warm too. We had a few nice if cold week-ends in April but other than that it's been bloody freezing. As we work mainly in marquees we've cranked up the heat but it's the guests you've got to feel sorry for. All decked out in their summer clothes, expected to brave the elements for photos and then spending the rest of the day trying to warm up again! Then overnight we have a heat wave and everyone is moaning it's too hot.

All the blokes with suits, waistcoats and cravats are absolutely dripping in sweat. A belligerent bride's mum who won't allow the men to take off their jackets as it spoils the look and babies screaming as they can't cool down. One agitated man stormed up to me and demanded that I did something about the heat because everyone was too hot and it was spoiling the day. Well I think I'm pretty good at controlling most things but the sun is a step too far, bearing in mind that we were in someone's garden at the time. The suggestion that perhaps he went inside where it was cooler was met with a look of pure disdain.

There are basic problems like keeping the white wine and champagne cold enough but the one problem we have in the winter keeping the red wine warm enough turns on its head and we have to try and keep it in the shade otherwise it ends up like mulled wine.

Check your menu choices. It may well be too late to change now but perhaps your caterer or venue could make some minimal changes to take into account the weather. For example on Saturday my bride changed from hot shrimps to cold shrimps, she changed her main course from roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes to roast sirloin of beef with a light jus, buttered jersey royals and summer vegetables and the assiette she had chosen she substituted the hot sticky toffee pudding for tangy lemon tart. It didn't affect the price or the service, it just suited the day more. A perfect menu for a summers day.

If the budget allows arrange for some canapés to be served or even some dainty finger sandwiches. Hot weather, no food and lots of alcohol don't go together. If there is no flexibility with the menu ask for the meal to be served a little slower than normal. Make sure the staff know that they have to keep the water jugs topped up as well as the wine.

Ask your hotel or venue if they can provide any fans. If not a quick trip to Ikea may be needed, especially if your venue has only got tiny windows. If you are having your reception in a marquee ask the wedding organiser or caterer to take all the sides down to allow a breeze through the marquee. One word of advice for both marquee and hotel weddings is to be careful with the table arrangements. Long tall arrangements can easily blow over even in the slightest breeze.

If the wedding is at home make sure there are plenty of garden umbrellas available so guests can find some shade. Make sure you serve soft drinks as well as alcohol and make sure water is available. If you aren't in a hotel make sure you have plenty of refrigeration available or at least copious amounts of ice. There is nothing worse than serving warm white wine, beer or champagne and unless facilities are in place beforehand you won't be able to cool it quick enough or for long enough.

Be relaxed about the men taking off their jackets once the formal photographs have been taken. There is nothing worse than sweltering through a three course meal with waistcoat, jacket and tie if it's not necessary.

The other problem is midgies and flies. Midgies tend to be worse in the evening around dusk and its a good idea to have citronella candles which need to be lit just before dusk.

My final word of advice is important and especially important if the wedding is in say late October or it turns very hot after a sustained cold spell. Sun cream! Especially if you and your bridesmaids are wearing strapless dresses, or if dad, the groom or best man is bald or shaven headed and if there are any little ones in the bridal party. Usually if the wedding is in summer it's something that happens automatically but if there is a very hot spell early in the year or late October when it's unexpected them nobody ever thinks about it and what starts as a fantastic experience in the garden turns to painful red sunburn as the afternoon progresses. I'm an absolute sun worshiper but I've seen too many cases of sunburn over the years not to mention it.