Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wedding Foods - Choosing the Right Kinds of Food For Your Wedding

After the wedding one of the biggest topics of conversations after the brides dress is what the guests had to eat at the reception, so what are the best foods for weddings?

One of the first things to consider is to make the menu appealing to all people of different ages. Choose foods that your young and old guests alike will enjoy. Though you don't want to go with anything to wild and spicy steer clear of making the menu too bland either.

Yes it is your wedding and you are spending a lot of money, but you want everyone to enjoy their food so the easiest way is to give them choices. These choices will then turn out to be your best foods for weddings.

Obviously you are inviting family and close friends to your wedding so remember about checking for food allergies, you don't want to cause any allergic reactions on your wedding day.

One of the best foods for weddings is to have a wedding buffet, this actually works very well for outdoor weddings. This way you are giving plenty of choices to everyone. Normally finger foods are well received and are easy to eat when standing around. Your wedding is not the time to try a new fancy menu out. Keep it simple and easy to eat!

All of your guests will have their best clothes on and have possibly spent money on a new suit or dress. You don't want them to spoil their clothes by trying to eat messy, sauce laden foods that could very well cause stains that are difficult to remove. The bride will be wearing her white dress and nothing would be worse than having it stained permanently.

If you are having a themed style wedding such as one on the beach then keep your foods within the theme. Here serving lobster or crab would be appropriate. A traditional wedding might be best accompanied with a dinner of roast beef and potatoes. You can still turn these best foods for weddings into a buffet style menu.

If you decide to chose a caterer ask for discounts for spending a certain amount of money and if they throw in any extras. Some will actually provide you with the wedding cake for free if you order from them. Take your time in choosing and shop around so you can really find the best foods for weddings. Any good caterer will allow you to taste samples and provide you with references from previous weddings.

If you and your family will be preparing the food make sure you have all the ingredients ahead of time and have the preparation well thought out. Remember you will be attending the wedding as well and don't want to be late. Another great option to get the best foods for weddings is to contact a local catering college and ask them to prepare the food. This would provide them with great experience and exposure in the community and you with a lower food bill.

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