Thursday, August 29, 2013

Diamond Rings are Symbolic Gifts For Graduation, Wedding, and Engagement

Rings, as jewelry, will never go out of style. Sometimes they don't just serve the purpose of embellishing nimble fingers but also as symbols of relationships and events of great values such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation etc. Diamonds are very popular stones in all of them. Here are the various kinds of rings:

1. Graduation or Class Ring

These rings are customized or designed for a particular class of students. They could either have the school's logo engraved and/or have the name or initials of the student who owns the ring engraved on the inner side of the ring.

2. Friendship Ring

These symbols of bonds could be in any kind of personalized design the wearers prefer. A group of friends could have these rings with the same design or in complementing designs.

3. Engagement Ring

The celebration of the decision that a couple will spend the rest of their lives together is often sealed with this piece of jewelry. Women usually enjoy the privilege of being given an engagement ring. An engagement ring is more appreciated when a man is just so in tune of his fiancée's character that he is able to give one that complements her personality so well. She may also want to be involved in the selection of the ring. Oftentimes, the couple will decide to buy the rings, as a set at the same time of becoming engaged. Engagement rings with diamonds often earn two thumbs up.

4. Wedding or Anniversary Ring/Band

Classic wedding rings usually comprise of diamond rings. However, platinum wedding bands are fast gaining popularity. This is because compared to gold, platinum is said to be a lot denser, thus more durable. Platinum wedding rings are known to be more able to last a lifetime, which is the very perfect symbol of marriage.

Now after that rundown of the different types of rings and their symbolic meanings, how about knowing more about the ring that often gets the most attention - the diamond ring?

Known as woman's best friend, it is imperative that one knows the basics of a diamond. Here are the 4 basic C's of a diamond:

1. Clarity

This is the clearness or the purity or imperfection of the diamond. The more clarity the more costly the diamond ring gets.

2. Color

This refers to the amount of color in the diamond. Black diamond is known to be more expensive than clear diamonds.

3. Cut

This refers to the proportion and polish of the diamond. It also determines the shape of the diamond. The more intricate or ornate the diamond the more attractive and, of course, the costlier the diamond gets.

4. Carat

This is the unit of measurement of a diamond. 1 carat is equal to .20 grams. The higher the carat of a diamond is the heftier its price tags becomes.

Although diamonds are known to last forever as having the reputation of being the hardest mineral, they still require proper care to be able to live up to that expectation.

a. Clean your diamond ring regularly with a soft cloth or a soft brush and jewelry cleaner particularly for a diamond ring.

b. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly in warm water and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth.

c. When doing rough work, common sense should tell you not to wear your ring or any kind of jewelry for that matter. Sweat and dirt may damage the metal setting of your ring.

d. Have your diamond ring checked by a jeweler for possible wear and tear.

With that indispensable information, wearing a ring could mean more than just accessorizing your hands.

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