Sunday, August 18, 2013

Decorative Details in a Wedding Reception

To beautify a wedding reception, it takes a lot of hard work to do and a keen eye to check all the little details of the decorations that will use. A lot of creativity and imagination are needed when planning a wedding reception. You have to remember that it is the biggest part of the wedding and you will all spend most of your time there. Therefore, it should be pleasing and comfortable so that everyone will enjoy.

Draping and Floor Covers

Using matching fabrics and tiny lights, you can cover drab walls, distasteful ceilings and windows. Draping delicate fabrics may require an expert, but if you think you can then feel free to do so. Draping is not only applied when there's a need of decorations on walls and ceilings, but it's also used to enhance the room's sound quality.

Looking for a replacement to an over- sized rug? Would you like to have a separate dance floor? Check rental companies that offer party rental services, including rental carpets and modular dance floor tiles that are easy to set up and dissemble after using.

Table Cloths and Chair Covers

There is nothing more embarrassing to a well-detailed reception table than having a stained or threadbare tablecloth. No matter how beautiful the centerpieces and table settings are, if the table cloth used has so many obvious flaws, it would likely leave a bad impression to your guests. To avoid embarrassment, find stiff fabrics for the table linens of your reception and make sure that they were all washed clean and ironed before setting on tabletops. You also need to make sure that you are choosing linens with a size and shape that fits the table you have in your reception.

Consider the appearance of your chair covers as well. Seating arrangements are one of the focal points in a wedding reception. You have to beautify your chairs by either covering them with matching fabrics or leave them with their natural beauty but with a few add ons. Create a wow factor on the chairs by using soft tulle, adding embellishments at the back part or choosing jewel-toned chairs to complete a stunning table setting.

Table Centerpieces and Place Cards

One of the most creative details on reception tables is the centerpiece. Table centerpieces are often a decorative item that first to attract guests' attention. Great choices of centerpieces can set a wonderful mood for the venue and help pull off all the decorations used in the entire room. You have to consider your wedding colors and wedding theme when making or purchasing centerpieces. They don't have to be uniformed, but at least compliment to the type of wedding you will going to have.

Beautiful printed place cards make wonderful accents on the tabletops as well. Place card holders, if chosen with taste, can make serve a multi-purpose. There are plenty of beautiful place card holders that can be used as wedding centerpieces and wedding favors, aside from playing their typical role as card holders.

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