Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Ways to Use Color to Announce Your Delight at Your Perfect Autumn Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Autumn is a time of deep color. Throw away the pastels and let the intensity of your love come through in all the little details of your wedding ceremony. Your love has ripened from a sweet, tender and cautious spring green to the vibrant hues of real relationship. Don't be afraid to layer the earth tones. They complement one another so well.

Declare your delight in your loving relationship and use color everywhere you can:

  1. Bridesmaids: Use the deep mossy greens and dark oranges and browns to heighten the mood.
  2. Bride: Whether your dress is white or a darker color, use one of your bridesmaid's colors for a sash and trim. These colors are such powerful reminders of the love that blazes between you.
  3. Carried Flowers: Carry vibrant seasonal flowers to reinforce both the season and your love for one another. This is a love that has felt the warmth of the sun and has stored it up. Now you're willing to tell the world.
  4. Altar: Use fabulous deep colors in both flowers and cloths to dress the front of your gathering.
  5. Dinner tables: choose festive colors that celebrate the glory of fall.

Emphasize the beauty and the bounty of fall colors. Leave blacks and greys alone. There are winter weddings for that, weddings that can echo the starkness of winter. Fall weddings are about blazing beauty. Capture that essence. Speak about it in your wedding ceremony. Celebrate it every place you can have color.

Associating your love with certain colors is a helpful thing (if you or your love are color blind, stay out of the purely red/green continuum.) From this point on, whenever you see beautiful fall leaves and flowers, you will think of your beloved and how much you loved on another when you married and pledged to spend the rest of your life together.

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