Saturday, September 21, 2013

Keeping Comfortable - A Guide to Wedding Over Clothes

Wedding over clothes allow you to wear your choice of wedding dress while keeping you comfortable, warm and stylish. If you're having a church wedding and your conservative priest insists that you keep yourself covered and modest, meaning no plunging necklines or spaghetti straps, then over clothes are your instant solution to this wardrobe issue.

Types of Bridal Over Clothes

The following is a list of the most popular wedding over clothes worn by brides all over the world. Pick the one which addresses your needs and allows you to keep your personal style.

- Bolero: The bolero is a short and small jacket, which usually features rounded front corners. This type of jacket can come with long fitted sleeves or rounded capped or puffed sleeves.

- Shawl: A shawl is a form of fringed garment that is worn around the shoulders.

- Shrug: The shrug is a small, short sweater or jacket.

- Wrap: A wrap pertain to cloaks that can be wrapped around the bride.

- Jacket: A jacket is a type of clothing that falls to the waist or below the waist, similar to the coat but more lightweight.

- Capelet, Capettes and Stoles: All three pertain to a small cape that is worn around the woman's shoulders. These over clothes are usually fastened upfront with ties, buttons or hooks.

- Cape: The word "cape" refers to all the different types of sleeveless over clothes, including the poncho.

- Coat: A coat is a type of garment with sleeves. Most coats are floor-length or shin-length covering most of the body from shoulder down. This type of clothing is usually worn outdoors.

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