Saturday, September 7, 2013

Precautions You Need to Take in DIY Wedding Dress Cleaning

It is commonly said that the best way to go about wedding dress cleaning is simply by giving the job to the professionals. That piece of advice notwithstanding, there are situations where you are forced to undertake the wedding dress cleaning yourself. This could be where you simply can't conveniently locate a professional cleaning service where you can get the wedding clothing properly cleaned. It could also be where you are extremely budget constrained, so that you simply can't afford professional wedding dress cleaning. In situations like those, you would have to undertake the cleaning of the wedding clothing by yourself.

Now DIY wedding dress cleaning comes with a number of risks, as you may already be aware. One of those is the risk of the cleaning not being properly carried out. This is a very real risk, seeing that wedding clothing tends to be made of very conspicuously bright colors that simply can't 'hide dirt.' Unknown to many of us is the fact that most of our DIY laundry efforts tend to be lead to less than thorough. Fortunately, as we usually wear clothing that is not too conspicuously bright, the results of our poor cleaning methodology are not that obvious for others to see, and we can manage to pull through the day somehow.

But where we are looking at the extremely bright wedding clothing, it may not be possible to get away with this, and that is why the risk of ending up with improperly done wedding dress cleaning is quoted. Another risk associated with DIY wedding dress cleaning is that of ending up with the wedding clothing getting completely messed up during the cleaning attempt. This is not as improbable as it sounds. The risk of wedding clothing getting shrunk during an attempt at DIY cleaning is all too real, and is one with which serious wedding planners can't take chances.

So, having become aware of the risks that come by way of DIY wedding dress clothing, we can now proceed to explore the precautions one can take, to avoid the incidence of those things (with all the potential embarrassment that would come with).

Now one of the precautions you should take, in DIY wedding dress cleaning, is to ensure that you read the labels on the wedding clothing and follow the cleaning instructions given there to the letter. Most of us don't bother with these labels in our day to day cleaning, but when it comes to a sensitive cleaning venture like that of wedding dress cleaning, it is essential to follow the instructions. It becomes tricky when there is no such labeling on the wedding clothing (which is quite a common occurrence). In this case, the impetus would be on you to research about the type of clothing material and color you are looking at, and establish what the right way to go about cleaning it is.

Another precaution you should take, in DIY wedding dress cleaning, is to ensure that you undertake it in good time - well in advance of the wedding; rather than making it a last minute affair. This would be with an aim to have adequate time to mitigate against problems that may arise during the process. If you make it a last minute affair, there is a chance that something could go wrong during the cleaning process, and you may not have time to correct it; leading to great embarrassment during the wedding ceremony.

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