Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your Wedding Ceremony - Suggestions For Incorporating Children Into Your Wedding Ceremony

You've chosen to have children at your wedding, maybe even in your wedding! That's a great choice -- if it's right for you! Here are some thoughts on how to make your day go more easily and to keep the focus on your wedding, which is where you want it:

Child care/entertainment: Having a formal ceremony and an elegant intimate dinner? Not fun for kids. Consider offering childcare or a list of possibilities for parents with kids attending your wedding.

Give them something to do in the wedding ceremony: If you're going to have kids there, ask them to participate. Their feelings can get hurt if you don't ask. Be aware, however, they're always cuter than you are!

Put someone in charge: Ask someone to be in charge of just the kids. Find someone who can organize the kids without the parents. You want someone organizing the children for the walk down the aisle, you may want them there for the ceremony and the reception.

Clothing: Find clothing for kids that is age appropriate, fabulous and, here's a novel idea, comfortable! No scratching, no straight jackets! However, I have never met a young lady who didn't like a skirt that twirled!

Timing: If the parents are going to be there hours ahead of time, make alternate arrangements for getting the child to the ceremony. Or find them someone to play with as the parents are getting ready. Use a video; they work!

Snacks: No sugar. Not before the wedding. Just makes everyone crazy. Actually, adults too. Protein, protein, protein. Vegetables work as well! If you want them to guzzle sugar after the ceremony, ah well!

Be flexible: Kids are kids. Their needs will not always correspond with yours. They may miss the wedding for a nap. Bless it. Get married!

Be clear: Having important children in a wedding may be what you want. But if it isn't working day of, be prepared to go without them. This wedding is about your getting married -- it's not about the children. Let parents know ahead of time that the focus is on the wedding and you can't rearrange it for the children.

Breathe and Laugh: When all else fails, keep breathing and keep laughing. Remember, this day is about your marrying your beloved and beginning your marriage. Do that. And then live happily and healthily ever after in the marriage of your dreams!

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