Thursday, September 26, 2013

Men's Beach Wedding Attire Made Easy

If you've already decided to have a beach wedding then let me congratulate you on making a wonderful choice. Beach weddings can be some of the most romantic and memorable of weddings no matter what your budget happens to be. After all, the beach and the ocean provide a priceless setting, so all you have to do is properly fill in the details.

When considering men's beach wedding attire the number one rule is to follow the bride's lead. You will want the groom and the groomsmen to be within a certain range of the bride's vision, but after that choosing your clothes can be a simple, painless, and yes, even a pleasurable endeavor.

The simple guide for men's beach wedding attire is to stick with cotton and linen clothing. Cotton and linen are "breathable fabrics" that will allow the men wearing them to look good as well as feel comfortable. Seersucker suits and clothing are basically just another form of cotton clothing, so that can always fit the bill nicely.

Fortunately, there are many places to shop for "dress casual" beach style clothing. There are many "tropical" stores and websites that will have a wide variety of choices if you are going with a Hawaiian feel for your wedding. But don't overlook the Cuban, Caribbean, Latin and South American wear that is also available with the click of the mouse.

Many a groom and his groomsmen have been the hit of the beach wedding (after the bride of course!) when they show up in the beach "dress casual" wear from Cuba, Argentina, or some other culture that the guests are not very familiar with. There are many, many wonderful choices for your men's beach wedding attire if you take the time to look.

Most of the color themes of men's wedding attire are your basic whites, tans, and browns, and even orange. They alone can be classy and comfortable, but don't be afraid go with more robust colors, as long as it adds a little flourish to the brides overall theme. Just make sure it does not clash too much with what the bride is going for or you may find yourself regretting your attempt to add some piazza to your wedding ceremony.

To sum up, remember that you will be standing on a potentially hot beach, fully clothed. Cotton and linen are probably your best choices. Seersucker is also cotton and comes in many looks. Stick with the general tone the bride has set and you should be not just looking spectacular, but feeling good too. Now that you've got the right information I'm sure whatever you choose will be right for the setting and right for you.

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