Thursday, September 19, 2013

Proactive Arrangements for Weddings

Would you agree that the average person believes that marriage is more important than any other event in one's life? Just think of how much time and effort we put into preparations for weddings compared to birth, christening, first day of school, first job, etc. Of course, this varies between individuals and for different cultures, but marriage generally stands out, especially for the female gender. Often, males are not as interested in the wedding festivities but that can all change if they meet the right girl. Unfortunately preparing for a wedding can be a daunting task!

Here are some of the things you need to think about when preparing a wedding:

  • Will your wedding have a theme?
  • Who will be in the entourage?
  • Who will be the best man and groomsmen?
  • Who will be the maid or matron of honour and bridesmaids?
  • Getting the Bride's and Groom's clothing?
  • Getting the groomsmen's and bridesmaids' ceremonial clothing.
  • The guest list - preparation and delivery
  • Venue decorations and layout.
  • The reception, decoration, layout and seating arrangement.
  • Transportation to and from the ceremony.
  • Food and wedding music.

All of the above must be attended to in painstaking detail for the wedding event to be successful. The last in the list (food and music), is often the fun part.

Notice how, despite all those preparations, there can often be a problem on the day of the wedding. It could involve people, decorations, equipment, default by supplier or anything that inexplicably mars an otherwise perfect event. But somehow, people manage to easily recover and proceed to restoring the gaiety of the occasion. However, when it is the food and music that goes wrong, the recovery is next to impossible. Guests trickle out with visible dissatisfaction on their faces.

But take note of this. While a slip up in food is almost impossible, in these times of wide-range choices, how can we go wrong? There are reputable food-catering services with proven track records that will always delight guests.

It is, however, different in the case of wedding bands. While we know lots of really good wedding band hire companies, matching the music with the kind of wedding and guests is very important. Another area for concern is availability of wedding bands for hire. Early booking is important to secure availability of the wedding band to employ at the appointed date and time. Hiring wedding bands, just like all other crucially important tasks, should be covered with a service or talent provision contract stipulating any and all terms and conditions of the Wedding Band hire.

Remember, it pays to anticipate.

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