Thursday, December 19, 2013

Renaissance Clothing - A Renaissance Wedding to Remember

The growth in the number of people who wants to try wearing renaissance clothing is greatly increasing. With occasions that embrace this kind of costume wear such as parties, festivals and even weddings, renaissance clothing is a surefire avenue for anyone who is eager to show off their attires to actively participate and join in on the festivities.

Specifically, in a wedding scene, the bride and the groom's party should have that romantic atmosphere fit for a renaissance period. There should be a hint of chivalry and grace which can be well associated to the occasion and the era. It would be helpful if there is an old church or other such setting that would suit the historical period. In addition, it would be great to help make the guests feel closer to nature by being outdoors. Adding flowers and ribbons on chairs, walls, and posts would also help in adding beauty for this joyous occasion. Candles too will add a touch of renaissance and romance.

The bride's renaissance wedding dress should likewise make a great impression. It can be something long and flowing with bell sleeves and intricate bodice that will flatter the bride's body structure without neglecting the much needed comfort for the bride. Recommended fabrics to be used are Twill, Gabardine, Silk, Satin, Embroidered Silks and Satins. The bride's renaissance dress will look better if it is laced at the sides or front and has a low-cut. Ribbons and laces are good accents for the renaissance dress with some golden jewelry with bright, shiny stones. That would definitely complete a perfect renaissance period wedding look.

The groom's renaissance clothing would be difficult since not all men would like to wear tights or leggings. Something that would fit any man would be a coat with silk brocade partnered with a good pair of leather boots. As for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, they can wear different colored versions of the couple's outfits or another good alternative may be to portray the different classes of the period for variety and authenticity.

The invitation could be designed with a wax seal, a medieval poem or anything Gothic that can tell your guests what the ceremony and the theme would be like. Hiring a bagpiper, a harpist or even a madrigal group would be especially great in the reception to fully envelop the renaissance party as well as the mood of the guests.

Other touches can include a guestbook that uses a quill pen and parchment scrolls for the menu or program of activities tied with velvet ribbons that will be placed on each table at the reception. Moreover, you can have a court Jester to entertain the crowd and address your guests as ladies and lords.

Personal touches can differ for every wedding since a renaissance wedding can be carried out with extensive detail, from the decorations to the renaissance clothing. Whatever the case may be, be sure that it will be a night to remember filled with fun and joyous celebration that the bride and groom's family and friends would love to cherish and talk about for years to come.

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