Sunday, December 8, 2013

Keep The Party Green! Eco-Friendly Tips for a Bridal Shower, Wedding, or Baby Shower

"Go Green" seems to be the current favorite phrase. Being kinder to Mother Earth is an important consideration no matter what the activity. For years going organic with foods and clothing has been a familiar road, but today being eco-friendly has slowly crept into many facets of our lives. It certainly has become the new consideration in planning bridal showers, weddings or baby showers.

The Responsibility of Being Eco-friendly

Today eco-friendly takes responsibility much further than just recycling a few newspapers and plastic bottles. It employs considerations that not only do not harm our environment but also maintain the natural order of things. For example, notecards and invitations made from hemp - a sustainable material that regenerates itself, has a quick growth pattern and needs zero pesticides or fertilizers to grow; or soy-based inks and natural dyes for printing and coloring - these are resources from nature that do not add to the carbon footprint. Also greatly reducing the carbon footprint is the use of post-consumer materials like recycled paper being used for 'new' product production.

Keeping a Bridal Shower, Wedding or Baby Shower Eco-friendly

Modern couples determined to employ organic and eco-friendly considerations in their bridal shower, wedding or baby shower plans have a vast number of choices available. Anywhere from organic and sustainable materials for wedding dresses and clothing to invitations and favors from recycled materials are available to meet their creative ideas.

One new idea in eco-friendly invitations and favors are those made from plant-able paper. These invitations are created from recycled paper or newsprint and then permeated with wildflower seeds. Plant-able favor boxes are made in the same way and can be filled with organic candies, natural soaps or such. The wedding or shower guests then have an environmentally friendly and lasting remembrance of the day. If not interested in plant-able invitations other choices include ones printed on recycled or natural fiber paper using soy or natural based inks and dyes. Hemp is a popular fiber used in making writing paper, note cards and invitations. Several specialty vendors have also used recycled products such as blue jeans and coffee grinds!

The special day can keep with organic and eco-friendly festivities in a variety of other ways too. Decorations can use organic cotton, hemp or bamboo fabric tablecloths with a replant-able flowering plant as a centerpiece. Plants can then be given to one lucky guest at each table with a note to consider Mother Earth by replanting. Organic cotton napkins or napkins made from recycled paper can be tied with a flowering vine- both are easy on the environment either to recycle or decompose. Menu selection can include Vegan, Vegetarian or Organic foods and treats. Better too if support were given to local farmers by using locally grown organic foods.

Get On an Organic Gift Registry

Family and friends contributing to the celebration can be asked to select gifts from registries set up at niche market places that offer organic, natural or eco-friendly merchandise. Couples wishing to follow a green lifestyle now have a large selection of products including furniture from sustainable woods; bamboo and recycled glass kitchen ware; linens and decorative items from organic cottons; hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, organic wool and modal clothing for men, women and children. Much too is offered, especially for infants, in the way of natural and preservative free personal care products like shampoos, soaps, skin lotions and shaving creams.

Easy To Keep The Party Green!

With the large selection of organic and eco-friendly products available it is easy to keep your party green. So if you are one that is concerned with our environment let your imagination run wild in selecting earth friendly products for your bridal shower, wedding or baby shower. Remember to do some up front research and let your guests know where they can find eco-friendly gifts.

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