Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Help For a Wedding on a Budget

So you are on a tight budget and you are thinking about using plastic party decorations verses the traditional table cloth and cloth napkins. If you go with the plastic table settings you will save an enormous amount of money. Now if you are stuck on tablecloths you may be able to buy them at a discount price. For example if your wedding is in the spring and it is after Easter you may be able to buy the tablecloths in the colors of pastels for your wedding at a discount after Easter.

Next you will have to be ready to go to a couple of the same stores in different locations to make sure that you will have enough table clothes and napkins for your receptions tables. Another money saving idea which will add some class to your reception is to have your servers wear white gloves when they are serving wine and food. Just this step alone will make it seem that you spent more money than you had to. Do a price comparison online to see which online stores have the most reasonable prices for white gloves and check with eBay also.

Use seasonal flowers and accents for affordable elegance. For a summer wedding try using fresh fruit, such as grapes and green vines along with your flowers to add a touch of class. Also a touch of crystal charms from your local craft store will also set off your table flower arrangement. Make sure that you start early for any sales to save yourself money. Now if you need a how to video on flower arrangements just do a search on flower arrangements online for some outstanding ideas that are simple to put together.

Other places to get more ideas and details would be to watch the Martha steward show. Martha Stewart will show you step by step how to do a lot of crafts and flower arrangements that you can make for your wedding. If you follow some of these steps you should be able to save some money in the end

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