Friday, December 6, 2013

What to Wear at an Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding clothes:

In India, the wedding rituals and clothes make the wedding as much as that of the Bride and her Groom. Both look their splendid best in gorgeous clothes. Not just the couple, but the guests attending the family and the relatives are often seen dressed up to the teeth. The Bride is dressed up in auspicious colors, where as the Bridegroom is dressed to exude a regale aura.

The Bridesmaids and Best men are often dressed in par with the bride and the groom. But they are toned down a bit because the day belongs to the couple. All the folks attending the marriage are decked up with gold jewelry including the Bride and sometimes the groom. The ladies are additionally adorned with Henna patterns all over their palms, hands, forearms, legs and feet. Sometimes henna patterns are replaced with Alta designs which are short lived and easily removable.

Indian weddings generally tend to continue for several days and new attire is worn each day. All these dresses and the color symbolize the meaning of marriage and the period that follows it. Indian wedding is one that gives more importance to details like different rituals and the various attires one wears to attend them.


Bridal wear are made in a wide range of fabrics ranging from silk to georgettes, from traditional Kanchipuram silk to contemporary synthetic fabrics. The designer wear for the brides have delicate brocade patterns as well as intricate Zari work. Heavily embellished with Swarovski, stones, crystals and Kundan works, the bridal wear series adds charm to the already gorgeous Bride. Brides have a wide range of attires like Saree, Choli, Lehenga Style Saree, Lehenga, Gagra to select from to wear on their D day.


A dazzling series of ensemble for Bridegrooms include majestic Sherwani, gregarious Suit, blended Indo-western suit and ethnic Jodhpuri suit. The exquisite shirts, coats and jackets are designed with extra care and touch to bring out the magnanimity out of the Bridegroom on the Marriage day. Precious embellishments are studded into the collars and the cuffs of the Bridegroom's dress. Available both in simple cottons and splendid, royal raw silk, these Kurta Pyjamas are a preferred mostly by the bridegrooms.

Bridesmaid and Family

While during a Marriage function, the Bride and the bridegroom take the centre stage, the Bridesmaid takes over everyone off-stage. Dainty Lehenga Cholis in bright colors, Long Cholis for the conservative, authentic Designer Lehengas and readymade Lehenga Cholis are usually selected by the Bridesmaid as wedding ensemble. Sometimes the bridesmaids wear sari rich in silk and embroidery too. Delicately put together with alluring fabrics of bright and cheery colours, these Lehengas bring out the playful nature of the Bridesmaid.

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