Friday, November 8, 2013

Choosing Wedding Table Decorations For Your Dream Wedding

Wedding table decorations are an important part of the ceremony. However, more than one type of table will need to be decorated at a wedding and it is important that you understand everything involved. It is also important that you realize the style of the reception itself, which has an impact on the decorations.

First off, the bride and groom need to decide whether they want a head table or a sweetheart table. The former is generally longer. It seats the bride, the groom, both sets of parents, and sometimes the bridal party. The latter is a smaller table which provides a more intimate setting for just the newlyweds. There is also a selection of tables for the cake, the food, the guests, and the gifts.

As you can see, there are a lot of tables to decorate. This can really stretch the budget, so it is imperative to plan things well. Generally, it is better to arrange the tables intricately, which can add aesthetic value. For instance, arranging tables in a U shape is better than placing them in a straight line.

For the most part, white table cloths are the classic choice. They also make it easier to decorate with brightly colored plates, napkins, and glasses. You can also go with a nice centerpiece to draw attention to the table.

Understandably, some people prefer bright colors all the way around. When your table cloths are brightly covered, it makes for a very dramatic palette. As well, stains will not show up as easily, which is quite practical. After all, everybody has accidents but they need not ruin the reception.

As far as extra decorations go, you have plenty of choices. Lots of couples like to include things like streamers and ribbons. You can always layer your table clothes for a nice effect as well. Lace or patterns on the cloths are also nice, and drapes tend to add a sense of elegance to any reception.

You can also sprinkle your table decorations. For instance, many people choose to add a little extra ambiance to their tables by sprinkling glitter over the table cloths and around the centerpiece. This adds a lot of extra dazzle and glamor. Confetti works the same purpose. For a more romantic mood, think about sprinkling flower petals or even autumn leaves. If you are throwing a beach wedding, then sea shells make a welcome addition.

No matter what kind of decorations you choose for your wedding table, you have the opportunity to make it yours. You have the opportunity to add anything you want. Rose buds, glass beads, pebbles, snow flakes - just make sure your tables reflect your personality and your wedding theme. If you go that route, then everything will certainly be beautiful. Including centerpieces will always add some much needed glamor. As well, you should seriously think about including party favors and takeaway gifts for your guests. If all else fails, you can also include candles all around the tables for a truly romantic touch.

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