Friday, November 29, 2013

Unique Ways in Declaring Your Wedding Vows

As future husband and wife, both of you are so eager to let everyone know that the wedding bells will soon be ringing. And, because you both want people to expect that you are preparing for a unique wedding celebration, you wish to also do a unique way of declaring a wedding vow. But, thinking of how to do this brings you worry. Well, fret not. Below is a list of the unique ways to declare wedding vows. Read on...

1. Gather your family, relatives and friends in a dinner date. Do not give them any idea that they are all invited. Act as if it is just a casual family or friendly dinner. Once they arrived at the restaurant and the crew leads them to the function room, it is only then that they will realize that something big is coming-and what is, they will surely ask. To give them the answer, enter the room together in semi-formal attires with a love song playing in the air. Go to the stage draped with white cloth. As you greet them good evening, take off the white cloth and let them see a tarpaulin written with "We are getting married...and we are excited about it. Are you?" Surely, clapping of hands and yelling of voices will replace the love song on background.

2. Send out half-heart invitations to your family, relatives, and friends through someone who can be relied on. That someone should not reveal your identifications. They may have an idea of what the half-heart is for, but they can never be sure. Indicate in the half-heart invitations the place, date, time, and more importantly, the need to bring the half-heart with them. Do not write anything else that will give them a clue. Once they all arrived in the place, ask the emcee to welcome them and look for the other half of the heart in the crowd. Because they are all your closest family, relatives, and friends, it is not difficult for them to find their "heart partner". Once everyone has found his or her "other half", ask the emcee to call who has invited them. They will surely become surprise as you both say "Our hearts are now one...we are soon getting married!"

3. You both can move away from spending too much on your wedding vows. Instead of having a formal dinner, send out a small, colored bottle with a small note inside: "We are getting married next are invited!" This is something simple, unique, and affordable, right?

Declaring your wedding vows is actually sharing your happiness to your coming preparations for the wedding... and of course, the wedding itself. Some couple may opt not to declare their wedding vows and instead start the wedding preparations. But, that is actually missing the most exciting prelude to the wedding preparations. So, declaring your wedding vows should be a must to both of you. The list of the unique ways of declaring your wedding vows above may only be three, but they will surely thrill your family, relatives, and friends to the fullest.

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