Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Party Planning - Games to Keep Them Entertained

Wedding party planning involves getting together a guest list, figuring out where you'll have the party, determining what you'll eat, and deciding on a time to have it. Getting all of those things right is a good start for a successful party, but once you know who is coming, where and when they will show up, and what they will eat, then what? Do you have a plan for something to keep them entertained at the party?

Here are some wedding party games that should keep everyone busy and having fun. This list isn't all-inclusive, but it should be enough to get you started.

  • Don't Say a Word - Give each party guest a token to hold (I've heard of hosts using a clothespin they can attach to their guests' clothes.) You also give them three words that they must not say during conversations they will have with others at the party. You should pick words that usually come up during the course of a conversation at a wedding party (bride, wedding, engagement, etc.) If anyone hears them speak these words, they call them on it, and they get to take that person's token. The person with the most tokens at the end of the game wins.
  • Wedding Bingo - This game is like regular bingo, except the letters and numbers on each player's card are replaced with wedding and marriage-related words. The words from the cards are put into a hopper, hat, or whatever large drum-like thing you have. The caller pulls each word out and calls it out to the participants. When someone has a word on their card that was called out, the cover it with a bingo chip. The participants can use regular bingo chips or you can get something wedding related to fill spots on the cards.
  • Who's Who - This is a game of guessing. You may have seen it on The Office television show, although the tone of their game is not what you want for yours. This is where everyone at the party is assigned a famous person. A famous person's name is put on a piece of paper and the people playing (no peeking) can either hold it up above their eyes (like on The Office) or you can clip it to the back of their clothes. Each person is trying to guess who he or she is by asking questions that will get a response of "yes" or "no" only.
  • Hot Engagement Ring - This is like the game Hot Potato you used to play as a kid. You don't use a real engagement ring, but one of those plastic rings little girls wear when they play dress up. You can either put it in a ring box or keep it out. Everyone stands in a circle and the ring gets passed from person to person (as quickly as possible.) The host plays music (maybe The Wedding March) and when the music stops, whoever has the ring must sit down. Last one standing is the winner.

Hopefully you can put these fun wedding party games to good use when you're planning your next event.

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