Thursday, November 28, 2013

Outdoor Locations For Weddings and How to Make Them Successful Events

If you're looking for outdoor locations for weddings, there are a few extra details that you need to keep in mind simply because of unpredictability of Mother Nature. Your celebration can either be the fairytale story of your life or it can turn into a total disaster depending on how well you've prepared. The following tips should be useful when it comes to outdoor locations for weddings and how to plan them.

The Location of the Wedding
Unless you're looking into areas where there is almost a 100% guarantee that you will probably have wonderful, sunny and dry weather conditions on the day of your wedding, outdoor locations for weddings might want to have an alternate area close by where you may effortlessly move the ceremony and festivities inside. It would be very disheartening to make significant plans for a luxurious wedding and have it destroyed by rain or even hail.

To allow for the unpredictable, outdoor wedding venue choices may include canopied eating areas for stopping even the lightest spray from harming the buffet or cake tables. Canopied areas for the DJ and dance floor are also suitable ideas so your DJ keeps the party going even in a downpour.

You also may want to try and set the wedding date for a time of year that's not bug-friendly, otherwise you, your wedding party and all your guests may get a little bit up later in the evening. You can also use Tiki torches or table lamps with citronella candles and have them lit after the sun goes down. This will add a captivating effect while at the same time keeping the little flying pests at bay.

Notify Your Guests of the Outdoor Location of the Wedding
You want to make clear either on the invitation or the RSVP that you are planning your wedding and reception to be outdoors and what the proper attire of the event needs to be. If you're planning your celebration for a hot summer day, you don't want your guests being uncomfortable because they wore clothing more suitable for sitting inside an air-conditioned building. This is especially crucial for guests coming in from out of town who may not be that familiar with the weather in your area.

The Wedding Party
Bridesmaids' dresses and men's tuxes or suits need to be appropriate for the time of year and temperature as well since you want them to be as comfortable as possible also. For instance, don't select bridal gowns with longer sleeves if it's going to be hot and humid. You may want to keep the bridesmaids in shorter length dresses or dresses that don't necessitate they wear pantyhose if they're not going to be comfortable.

For the groomsmen and ushers, you may allow the suit jackets to be optional, suggesting they only wear the vests. They'll look just as classy and sophisticated yet without that hot and suffocating sensation of being stuck in a long-sleeved suit jacket for what could be hours.

The Caterer or Menu
If you're going to contract the services of a caterer, make sure you inform them you're looking into outdoor locations for weddings. They might have guidance for the suitable menu selections for an outdoor celebration. Also, ask for their ideas on menus and locations as they may be able to give you recommendations of other outdoor events they've catered that were successful despite the weather.

For the bar, if you're having one, make certain to keep adequate amounts of water and other non-alcoholic cold drinks readily available to keep your guests refreshed and hydrated, especially if your wedding is going to be in the summer.

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