Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Get Yourself in Shape to Wear a Backless Wedding Dress

When you are planning an outdoor summer or beach wedding, one of the best types of wedding dresses to choose would be a backless wedding dress. However, it's one look that is not suitable for everyone. Apart from needing to have a great body with toned back muscles to carry off such a sexy dress, you need to put your attention on another part of your body skin - your back's. First off, you should make sure that your back looks good by doing exercises that tone those muscles. Often, the back is forgotten while the abs are worked out. Three times a week, work out on the rowing machine, do some reverse flies, and some lat pulldowns. It's best not to settle on only one type of exercise but to do a mixture which will help you tone up in a balanced way.

Next, work on the skin. Many people have back acne because the type of clothes they wear catches sweat and dead skin plus doesn't allow the area to breathe. First, treat the skin with salicylic acid wipes and masks that heal acne like a homemade mask of plain yogurt mixed with finely chopped parsley. Commercial masks for acne would work, too. These masks need to be used every day for about a week and then once a week after that. When the acne is healed, have a body scrub that focuses on the back. A light non-comedogenic, oil-in-water moisturizer should be applied afterward, since dry skin encourages acne.

Check on the soaps that you use on your body and clothes. These can irritate the skin and cause acne break-outs. Shower after you work out or sweat, and use a body scrub with salicylic acid on your back. One last point - you may want to get your back waxed about a week before the big day. Now is not the time to show your peach fuzz! Just imagine yourself walking down the aisle and showing off that toned back with truly clear skin. It's a sight no one will forget easily, least of all the groom.

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