Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Grooms Can Wear at the Wedding

Although people at the wedding are mostly looking at the bride and admiring her look, the groom is also willing to look amazing, elegant and in style. Grooms are mostly choosing suits for their weddings but they have a wider choice.

So what can they wear? Below you can find a list of most popular outfits worn by men at the special events - including suits:

SUIT might consists of two or three parts, with waistcoat or without, buttoned up high or low. Choosing suit we have to remember about one thing: it must fit well. Jacket should be below the rumps and end of sleeves should touch wrists, even when the hand is straight forward. Trousers might have a straight style or have a ruffle at the waist. Legs of the trousers should softly lay at shoes, and the heels should be covered up in half.

JACKET is a very elegant outfit for a day. It is not very popular in many countries - but in many is, like for example in the USA where it's used as a very common wedding outfit. Such wedding jacket is made of dark grey material that is hanging from both sides over knees. Mostly men are wearing grey waistcoat to that kind of jacket, white shirt, tie and slim black shoes.

FROCK COAT is a very elegant type of evening outfit. It is well known since XVIII-th century (1740) when men were wearing it as a daily outfit. 'A king of mens' outfits', as sometimes frock coat is called, is made of black, soft material and its lapels are covered with silky satin. Trousers have double silky stripes. To wear frock coat we should have a special shirt that is more inflexible than a regular one. Corners of standing collar are covered by a bow-tie. As an additional elements to such dress men wear white waistcoat, black silk socks and black pumps.

TUXEDO is an elegant evening wear. It's made of black thin material, lapels are also, as it is in frock coat, filled with satin, and each outside stitch has a black silky pump. Under the tuxedo there should be a shirt with half inflexible plastron, half inflexible sleeves and lined out collar. Additional items - black bow-tie, silky socks and black smooth shoes.

So, as you can see, men also have something interesting to wear.

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