Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Unique Wedding Theme Idea - The Western Wedding Theme

Planning a wedding can be a bit stressful, to some extent. But this does not really have to be the case all the time. This is especially true when you go for a Western wedding theme. A wedding centered on a western theme can be as unique as you want it to be, as long as you exert the needed time and effort. And when it comes to such a theme, you have to remember one pivotal thing: location. In fact, location can definitely mean everything for a western wedding theme.

Think Wild Wild West, for a minute. Having your wedding in an ol' town in the west is easy to do because there are so many wedding packages that you can get hold of at very low costs. But you can go for an open prairie or grassland and make use of tents for your guests. You can even use backdrops that you can easily design yourselves. But if there is a good ol' country church in the vicinity, with a reception hall that you can use, then you can just go for western themed decorations for this venue. Just remember to incorporate your own preferences when it comes to style. This way, your wedding can be as customized and unique as ever.

For weddings having western themes, decorations are very important aspects. To capture that much sought-after western ambiance, gold bows can be used for your venue. You can get these gold bows at any gift or novelty shop, particularly at Christmas time. During this time, gold bows will definitely be at large supply so you can easily get them at any novelty shop. You can also choose to make use of hay bales, to seat your guests. This would make your wedding more interesting and fun at the same time. Horse drawn carriages can be used when transporting your guests from the church to the reception hall. And for the whole ceremony, make sure to use country music, or music from the soundtracks of western movies.

Have you noticed the clothes actors and actresses wear on western movies? The bride usually wears heavy fabrics that come with long sleeves and much, much lace. For the groom, well, it is actually much easier. This is because the groom can wear the simple blue jeans, the typical brown vest, and the common brown jacket. The groom should, of course, don a hat and boots that come with spurs. Now, these make perfect clothes for a western themed wedding. And these are not expensive to come by at all!

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