Saturday, October 19, 2013

How We Had A Simple Yet Fulfilling Wedding

It was a special day when the two of us decided to get married. And the first thing we did together as a couple was to plan our wedding without any help or support from our families and friends. Going through the whole process together cemented our relationship and gave us an insight into each others thinking. And our involvement from the beginning ensured our wedding turned out exactly like we imagined - a simple, intimate affair that we both enjoyed.

There was no rush to do 'n' number of things before and after the wedding and there were not a hoard of occasions we needed to spend our money on. We knew what we wanted and we planned our wedding accordingly. Making sure that all essentials were there, like a photographer and a stylist for the bride, we cut out all frills and non-essentials that load up traditional weddings. Our list of guests included our closest family, friends and colleagues, the people without whom the day would not have been such fun. We made sure that there were no far off relatives or on-off acquaintances loading our list.

We chose a hotel, which took care of all our plans for the day so we did not have to rush around or delegate work to a friend or relative. Next we tackled the menu-another area for excesses in a marriage. On our wedding day, we organized a traditional menu with all the delicacies. The plates were loaded but our pockets were spared. Going for local food, made the cost fall drastically and we were able to afford more for less. The place offered us option of serving food in a traditional manner where guests sat at designated places and were served there as per their requirements. This helped distinguish our wedding from other buffet affairs.

After this we tackled our ensemble for the day. Couples spend fortune on clothes which are cumbersome, difficult to carry and can rarely be used for any other wedding or occasion. We chose clothes which were not over the top and gave us freedom of movement. Going simple also ensured we did not spend a fortune on the clothes and we could use these clothes later for other occasions, unlike some couples.

Once everything was planned, we just dressed up and enjoyed the proceedings as everything was taken care of by the professionals we hired. What we have from that day are memories, both mental and pictorial, of a refreshing day spend in the company of our near and dear ones.

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