Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wedding Dresses 101 - To Train Or Not to Train?

If you are planning a wedding like the late Princess Diana Spencer then a train is definitely part and parcel of your wedding gown. But if your wedding is not as grand or as formal then you might reconsider attaching a train to your gown.

Although it is not a part of the wedding dress, the train nevertheless is part of the decision making when choosing the bridal dress. Aside from personal preferences, the type of your wedding should determine the need for one.

Just like Princess Diana, you can opt for a cathedral length train but make sure you are going to be married in a big church or venue with enough space to allow you the chance to display it properly. If you are having an outdoor venue such as a beach then this would probably be out of place and impractical.

A wedding dress with a train can seem so whimsical and grand but if you prefer comfort than style and pomp then it is best tow walk down the aisle without something that would only hinder you and would restrict your movement.

The length of the train is measured from your waist to the entire length at the back of your gown. Depending on the length of you choose, it can still be an option even for short dresses.

If you want one but do not want to be restricted with a long one then opt for the sweeping or the brush option. This is a short style which merely brushes the floor so you can feel elegant but comfortable at the same time.

If you want to go an extra inch then choose a Chapel length which is more common today. This style extends only about four feet from the bride's waistline so not so much cloth to carry at your back.

For brides who want a longer style but not the Cathedral length, choose the Semi-Cathedral length. This can be an option for a semi-formal wedding.

And finally, the Cathedral length train which can make you feel like a princess straight from the pages of a fairytale book. With more than seven feet of clothing dropping from your waistline, this is indeed a heavy weight. However, you can choose lighter fabric and a removable train so that you can just take it off during the reception.

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