Monday, October 28, 2013

Wedding Favors? - Ideas For The Perfect Gift!

In spite of the fact that planning a wedding is a very stressful activity there are some aspects of the wedding planning which are a great deal of fun, especially selecting the wedding favors. Many a couple might spend a great deal of time, money and energy on planning things like location of the wedding, food, etc but they fail to pay enough attention to the favors given out which are actually as important as any other aspect. Actually the favors should be paid more attention to as they are the mementos from the wedding and they remind people of the wedding on seeing it whereas the food and the location are forgotten about soon after the wedding is over.

Books make a really good wedding favor. Many people don't even consider giving books as favors but actually they make great wedding favors. This is true if the book chosen to be given as a favor really matches with the theme of your wedding which would be good depiction of the undying love that you and your partner harbor for each other. A book on inspiring love poems would do.

Donations made in the name of your guest given as a return favor for the guests would be very unique. The conventional wedding favors include giving knick-knacks and ersatz which aren't very durable. These type of wedding favors after having been used for some time just lose their shine or luster and are just thrown around at home. Is this what you would want to happen to that article you gave to your guests as a memory forever of your special wedding. Donations are definitely better off.

Items such as t-shirts or clothing with the couple's name printed on them would make a very interesting favor. These kind of gifts are certainly not common however they serve as a gift which would always remind one of the joyous occasion of the wedding. Maybe your guests would not appreciate the gift once they are running errands at your wedding but when they get back home and sit back to take a look at the favor you gave them definitely would like the gift a lot. One can use permanent markers too to write a brief message on the t-shirt or cloth to make it even more special.

Gifting spices would also make a very unique favor to give your guests. You can make it even more personal by attaching a string of satin or cloth to each spice and include a line saying how that person has been responsible for spicing up your life.

Yet another idea of a different wedding favor would be to gift the guests of your marriage with a bottle of you and your spouse's favorite beer or you could even gift a bottle of a classic wine or very seasoned champagne as a favor. However the beer would be much more economical and you can actually get everyone one of the best quality wines however if you are really into quality and tradition it is always best to get the guests a bottle of fine French wine or champagne. If planning time is there you could have labels of your spouse's name and your's and the day and date of your marriage affixed to the bottle so that it would seem very sentimental and special.

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