Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The History of Bride and Groom

In 1604, the word Bridegroom came into being for the need to call a man about to be married something other than, "the poor soul," or, "the doomed one." The word is derived from two words, The "Bride" which simply means the woman about to be married and in some dominantly male run countries, the bride means, a screaming, and slave-driving banshee from the pits of Hades itself, and the word "Guma" which is roughly translated from old English as "boy." The bridegroom, on the day of his wedding, usually wore clothing specific to the type of religion, the time of the day, or the uniform of whatever branch of service or position he held with a government status. We have since shortened the word to the simple "groom," which is what many bachelors believe any man would have to be to get married.

In those days, it was not uncommon for the groom to have the final say in matters of the ceremony, especially as to where and when it would be held and who would be the Celebrant. The Celebrant is someone other than clergy or government official who is licensed to perform ceremonies if the couple or party wishes not to involve church or state. This person is now more commonly referred to as the officiant and can perform many types of ceremonies, including weddings. The groom and the bride's father would usually hammer out the details of the wedding and then inform the rest of the family.

The word Teutonic, which translates as "cook" is believed to be the origin of the word "Bride," although that has been hotly debated by, you guessed it, women around the world as not being the origin of the word. Many women feel the word, Bride, actually came from the words, "Beauty," and, "Iconic." But that could be simple hearsay. Almost every culture has elaborate and beautiful wedding apparel that the bride is required to wear on her wedding day during the ceremony and in some cultures; there is specific clothing that she is required to wear for a set number of days after. In this country however, after the wedding, the bride is required to wear nothing at all.

Today, the bride and the shortened and more accepted form of the original, the groom, have the option of planning their own wedding or even hiring someone to do this planning for them under their close supervision. This person, known as an event planner or more specifically, a wedding planner is a special type of person who is genetically grown in a test tube for the sole purpose of saving young couples a ton of money, and to prevent them from making terribly time-consuming mistakes while planning for their nuptials.

These planners are grown with built in wedding planning technology and can actually produce wedding favors or unique wedding favors from some secret place in their bodies which also saves the couple a ton of money. The laboratories that make these super-planners are called Planners-R-Us and cannot be found anywhere due to the secrecy of their technology. The only thing that is really known about the company is that it has more than quadrupled its output of wedding planners and is also coming out with a new line of divorce negotiators. It is hoped by the stockholders that this super-negotiation technology will make divorce lawyers obsolete by the year 2020.

Wedding planners are easy to find by looking in your local phone book or typing wedding planners, followed by the name of your city and state, into any search engine. It has been rumored that the divorce negotiators can be found by hanging a white business shirt with lipstick on the collar from any open window.

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