Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What to Wear to a Wedding and Stand Out From the Rest

If you have an upcoming wedding, the first question that comes to mind is what to wear to a wedding. The choice of the outfit that you are going to wear in a wedding counts a lot and you cannot afford to look shabbily dressed when it comes to a wedding. Having the right kind of dress sense is essential.

When you are a guest at a wedding, you may be confused over what to wear to a wedding and this thought may actually bug you for days before the wedding day. The dress style for the man and the woman is different on the wedding day. It may be a relative or a friends wedding but remember that you have to be ready and dressed for the occasion.

Her look for the Wedding
If the wedding is during the daytime, you can do with an informal kind of look. You can wear a short dress or a suit and it makes you look smart and good. A business look will be welcome in the morning weddings. The perfect informal attire for the evening wedding will be a cocktail dress. The cocktail dress looks best when you are partying with friends but it can be worn to a wedding also. If you have the right kind of attitude to carry it off, it will be the best outfit for you.

If you have to dress formally to a wedding in the daytime, then you will show the right kind of dressing sense by being dressed in a suit or a short dress. You can also have hats and gloves as the perfect accessories to go with your short dress. The formal evening look for the wedding is a long or short cocktail that is quite fancy. What else can go with it? Of course, you will look good to have accessories like wraps, beading and other glamorous accessories.

For the semi-formal look in the daytime, a short dress or suit will make for the best choice and the same style in the evening will call for a cocktail dress.

If you want to go for the ultra formal look then a long gown beats all the other attires. This will go well matched with accessories like diamonds and furs.

When you are pondering over what to wear to a wedding, it is best that you do not choose the color white when it comes to the wedding dress, as the bride will be wearing white and it will be clashing with hers. Black is not the color to wear during daytime. Avoid club wear and excessively sexy clothing, as they are unsuitable outfits for weddings.

His look for the Wedding
The guys should also be in their very best look when they have a wedding to attend. Work towards achieving the presentable look. The informal dress code for the daytime will be shirt and pants, and if you have a good sports jacket, you can wear that. For the evening, the informal style calls for a suit.

If you have to go formal, you can try out the dark suit and tie for the daytime and in the evening, it will be perfect to wear a tuxedo, in case the invitation states "black tie". If your partner is wearing a short dress, then you can wear a dark suit.

It is also lovely to go semi-formal - you can wear a suit in the daytime and for the wedding evening wear, you can opt for a dark colored suit.

The ultra formal evening look for the men will be the white tie, shirt, cummerbund or vest.

A white shirt and black bow tie is the best style statement for a wedding where you are wearing a black tuxedo. In case, the invitation does not state the formality of the wedding event, then do not be confused over what to wear to a wedding, just play safe by wearing a dark suit and conservative tie.

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