Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

"Being green," these days is very chic, so eco-friendly weddings and gifts are becoming very popular. Natural gifts and recyclables, which were once thought to be "cheap," are now very trendy. Most givers and recipients of environmentally conscious gifts are pleased to be part of the bigger trend to save Mother Earth.

As you and your partner plan your wedding, consider registering for some great eco-friendly gifts as well as giving them to your family members and bridal party. There are some great companies today that provide top-of-the-line, creative fare.

Here are some ideas for great eco-friendly gift ideas and how to find them:

Recyclables and Handmade Items

Merchandise created in harmony with the environment, without harming animals or people are great gifts to give. There are several companies out there today, including UnCommonGoods, that offer trendy cheese platters made from recycled wine bottles or gorgeous bowls made out of re-purposed windshield glass.

Other companies, like Etsy, offer online marketplaces for handmade gifts. There are thousands of gifts to choose from and they're all handmade. There are handmade bracelets made from beach-gathered materials where every piece of the bracelet is either recycled, upcycled, repurposed, or reused--even the bracelet itself was recycled according to the site with every bit of the sterling silver being obtained from an eco-friendly supplier.

To find items such as these, search "Recycled and Handmade Gifts." You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Fair Trade Gifts

Companies such as Global Exchange are dedicated to promoting environmental, political and social justice and offer online avenues to purchase handmade, crafted items from low income or abandoned women who have employment and training in traditional skills. These organizations provide access to a fair wage, health care, education and marketing skills for these women and strive to raise worker's self esteem and their ability to compete effectively in the marketplace.

To find great gift ideas and to help international fair trade efforts, search "Fair Trade Gift Ideas." You'll not only find perfect gifts you'd love to receive, you'll also find great gift ideas for your family and bridal party.


Bamboo clothing products are one of the most eco-friendly products that you'll find, and they're very comfy and cozy too! For starters, bamboo grows at an astonishing rate of up to four feet per day (so there's an overabundance), and it is naturally antimicrobial. Plus, it doesn't require any pesticides or herbicides throughout its growth process. Bugs just plain don't like the stuff, so Mother Earth is safe!

Bamboo fabric is currently used to create beautiful bamboo bedding sets--including bamboo sheets, blankets, bedspreads and duvets--which every couple would love to own. You can also register for luxurious bamboo bath towels and fashionable, eco-friendly clothing. There is nothing cozier and softer than bamboo to warm your soul!

Brides, you may also want to consider luxurious bamboo bath mitts, natural bamboo soap bars, and cozy bamboo nightshirts as great gifts for your bridesmaids.


Instead of requesting gifts for yourself or trying to figure out what to get those people in your wedding party, consider a donation in the recipient's honor to an environmental organization or socially responsible group. A few non-profits that you may want to consider include:

The Nature Conservancy

Conservation International Foundation

Trees for the Future

Conservation Fund

The Clean Water Network


Another great gift idea, for giving or receiving, might be a membership. An annual pass to a national park, museum passes or concert tickets are thoughtful gifts. Plus, they don't create any waste and will bring great pleasure to the recipients!

After you've registered for the eco-friendly gifts that you want, and you've purchased the ones that your wedding party and family will receive, don't forget to accessorize your wedding with an eco-friendly guest book, soy votive candles. You may also want to choose environmentally friendly wedding invitations...all which can be found at Best Little Wedding Shop.

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