Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Well Planned Wedding is One to Remember

Your wedding is by far, the most important event of your entire life. You want to be sure that every detail is very well attended to before the big day so that the wedding itself will run without a hitch and will make for some wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of thought and often involves asking several family members and friends to get involved to take on certain portions of the planning. Once you have set the date of your wedding you will have to make arrangements with a minister or priest, find a rental hall where your reception will be held and shop for wedding dresses and clothing for the groom and members of the wedding party. You must also carefully plan a menu for the reception, hire a catering company as well as a bartender if you plan to serve alcoholic drinks.

The wedding cake is the highlight of the reception so it is very important that you find a suitable bakery that is known for making beautiful wedding cakes. A wedding cake can be rather simple or it can be multi-tiered and elaborate. It is important when choosing the cake to be sure to order a cake that will feed the number of guests you have invited to the wedding. Most bakeries who specialize in wedding cakes have photo albums of cakes they have baked and decorated in the past so that you can browse through the photographs to see the finished products. You will have to choose the flavor of the cake and frosting as well as choose the colors of the sugared flowers and other decorations so that they match the theme of your wedding. Once you have made your selection the baker takes over from there. Your cake will be prepared a day or two prior to your wedding and you can expect that the cake will be delivered to the reception hall during the wedding ceremony so that it is in place when the wedding party and their guests arrive to celebrate.

Every great wedding reception includes live music. You can easily find a great wedding band to perform at your party by looking through your local yellow pages or in online directories. Most wedding bands offer demos of their recorded music so you will have a good idea of the types of wedding songs that they are capable of playing.

Be sure that you allow yourself plenty of time before your wedding to attend to the small details. A well planned wedding is a wedding that you and your guests will look back upon with nothing but pleasant memories.

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