Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cool Breeze of California Wedding

Being with someone you love is a gift from God. This is a reality that most of us seem to forget. Since it is a gift, we should treasure our partner and love him in the same way we value our existence.

Just like in any relationship, it is healthy if both partners will treat each other as coequals. By doing so, one will not be dependent to the partner and always seeking help even if he can do something by his own efforts.

In practical ways, this can be translated when couples decide to get married. All details in the wedding preparation must be though out well amicably by two individuals who will be taking the vow of "oneness." Avoid rushing things as much as possible since getting married is not a game, but a lifetime endeavor of being together with someone whom you are at home with for the rest of your life.

To make sure that your special day will be something classy and worth-remembering, it would be advisable to plan it very well as how you want it to be. Are you looking for a church wedding or a nature-friendly setting? Perhaps, an ideal venue for your sweetness is a mountainous background or a slippery-wet environment? If any of these is your choice, your preference counts a lot.

If you like beach weddings, Lake Tahoe in California might excite you. It has beautiful beaches as sites for your wedding bash as you say "I do" to your partner. A beach wedding will truly be memorable as a number who have chosen this kind of preparation were very happy of the outcome of their big bash wedding.

Couples who take this kind of wedding activity are partners who look for some adventure or older couples renewing their vows as they take something different in their life-long relationship.

Getting married under the heat of the sun gives you more freedom in designing your wedding ceremony. You have a freehand in choosing what time of the day, weather, tide, clothes to wear, themes and traditions to follow and the particular setting of the day (sunset, sunrise or very early in the morning) in your big day. This is very relaxing to your guests since they need not to wear formal dress if you wish them to.

In California, several beach sites are available like Laguna Beach, Malibu, La Jolla, New Port Beach and Oxnard in smaller communities. But if you like bigger beaches, you can find San Diego, Santa Monica, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Many hotels are near these beaches so the honeymoon will just be around the corner.

Guests will also get the chance to be more involved with the newly wed couple as the latter gives "blessing shells" to the visitors as part of the tradition of a beach wedding in California. This is usually done as guests are invited to say something to the couple in the water's edge with a personal message or prayer as they toss a shell into the ocean.

As your beach wedding day comes, a few reminders must be noted. Your marriage license must be available before the big day and kept in a safe place before handing it to the officiating personnel. Expect outsider audience if it is done in a public beach, unlike if the wedding is held in a resort, hotel or a secluded venue as the ceremony is kept private. You may ask the beach owner to tell other people that the wedding is a private event so they shouldn't be watching at a distance.

Bare feet are okay in beach wedding. The elegant clothes and shoes can be reserved for the reception. For brides, hairstyle need to be tied up so well since the breezing air is just fine to blow his smooth, silky hair.

Spring or summer months are the best time for your beach wedding and schedule the event early in the morning or before noon to avoid too much heat.

Although the preparation may be tiring in the process, couples should make it a point to look relaxed and have fun during the ceremony. After all, wedding is a joyful event of two hearts being united as one.

With many California beaches surrounding the city, couples need to have ocular inspection to look for the best venue that they will truly enjoy.

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