Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Preserving Your Wedding Dress - How to Preserve Your Special Garment?

You look beautiful when you are wearing your wedding dress. When it comes to buying a wedding dress, you start looking for it few months before your wedding; you wear it once and preserve it for a lifetime. It is obvious that this special dress is the most important thing you will ever wear.

Preserving your wedding dress, the symbol of your wedding and the dress in which you look most beautiful, is really a challenge. In this article, I have listed few tips that will help you to preserve it.

Plastic bags are not a wise choice for storing any type of garment. They contain chemicals that can scent, stain or break down your fabric. If you are planning for short-term storage, plastics are fine but avoid them if you are preserving your clothes for a long time period. In worst case, the chemicals from plastic may reside in your dress and when you give it to the dry cleaner, those chemicals may react with the cleaning solvents which may ruin your precious dress.

If not plastic bags, what should you use to preserve your wedding dress?

Keeping your wedding dress inside a box is the best idea to preserve your dress for a long period of time. Experts suggest the use of acid-free box or any container with a neutral pH such as paperboard box. This allows a lot of air space for your gown and can adjust with changes in the temperature. Some boxes also have a plastic window which allows you to see how your gown is doing without opening the box. Keep your box away from direct sunlight if it has a plastic window in it. Direct sunlight can change the color of your dress from white to yellow.

Do you have good folding skills? If yes, try folding your dress without creating creases. If you can't, hand it over to somebody who can.

I suggest you not to use ordinary tissue papers while packing your dress. Also, avoid the use of colored ones; they might stain your cloth if your box accidentally gets wet.

Most of the wedding dresses are made up of special stitching, drops and pearls. You do not want these beautiful items to scratch your cloth, do you? Using acid free tissue papers between the folds with prevent pearls and stitches from damaging your special garment.

Whenever you want to reuse your gown, reverse the wrapping process. But if you are wrapping and packing again and again it may harm your dress.

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