Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Colorful Wedding - Thinking About Red Color Theme Wedding?

A color theme wedding is selected by some to match everything: from wedding dresses of the bride and groom, invitation cards, decorations and accessories, such as flowers , serviettes and much more.

Create your budget; choose your favorite wedding color and find the best suppliers for your wedding cake and decoration flowers. Here you will find some collected ideas for your red wedding celebration.

1. Invitation for your wedding

When you plan your wedding and want to stay on a red wedding theme, we should start with the invitation. All Cards, name cards, Invitation, marriage announcement should be in red color. You can also choose red letters with a contrast instead of red cards. That is up to you. Be creative.

2. Wedding dress

I suggest using a red corsage for the bride on her white wedding dress and for the man a red rose for his black suit. Red colored flowers are very common in nature and you will find a big selection of different kinds.

3. Wedding Aperitif / Drinks

Offer your guests a red aperitif, when they arrive at your wedding party. For example: prepare a big bowl with fresh strawberry and fill it up with champagne. It is tasty and will have the right color for the theme. You might consider other drinks as well (i.e. cherry juice) without alcohol, for those, who are not allowed to drink alcohol.

Of course during dinner do not forget to open red wine or red champagne bottles and offer those to your guests.

4. Wedding Decoration

Red should be also the outstanding color for all decorations including the bride's banquet. It is important that red is eye catching everywhere. Use white or black as a contrast. For example white table clothes with red decorations and accessories. Like I mentioned before - think red - and you will find the right things for the table decoration.

Or the other way around: Choose red table clothes with white decoration and flowers for the table. That is outstanding elegant and beautiful, too.

5. Wedding Menu

Even by choosing the meal, you can offer your family and friends a special dinner, which stay on the red color theme. As a starter you choose a tomato salad and follow up with the main menu and you might serve a roast with red cabbage beside. Finish the menu with a red pudding or vanilla pudding with red cherries on.

You should ask a chef or catering service, what kind of food will match the red color theme and combination of the food best.

6. Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can be made in any color combination and variety of shapes and decorated with delicately handcrafted sugar flowers, intricate piping, modeling, pretty patterns, hand painting and much more. Find a excellent baker for a delicious wedding cake in your region. My suggestion: Mozart Gateau with 5 and more layers. Make sure that the decoration of the cake is red. Your guest and you will never forget this wonderful red theme wedding day.

Many pictures will be taken from your unique wedding - making it unforgettable for you and your guests.

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