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Outdoor Weddings - 3 Great Backyard Wedding Themes

When the weather is warm and love is in the air, like in spring and summer, a lot of couples choose to tie the knot or just plain get married and settle on romantic outdoor weddings, and it is a great choice. It gives you a chance with a touch of flamboyance you can make you're outside wedding fit even a very modest budget, make a list of all the crazy ideas you have seen, heard about or just thought up. There are so many different styles and themes to choose from and if you use your own or a family back yard you can a wonderful day for just about dollars and change.

Decorate the yard with whatever floral things you can, set out some tables and chairs that you can beg, borrow or steal from your friends, garden torches can be set out round the yard as the garden torches are have oil in them make sure they are secure above all when the party is in full swing.

Borrow some coolers, get plenty of ice,- cold beer, wine and soda's are essential, if it is hot make sure you have a good supply of water or if you are having a Southern Wedding then it's plenty of iced tea. Your guests will be outside for practically the entire event so make sure they do not dehydrate.

Wedding cake you do not need an expensive wedding cake, have bake session and bake* some cup cakes, decorate them to match your theme and pile them high in tiers. Display on a small separate table adjacent to the buffet table.

If you have rarely baked before they are so simple to make take a trip to the store and purchase a few packets of cup cake mix and some paper cake cups and simply follow the instructions on the side of the box. You can always get your friends to come round and help and organise a baking party, a couple of glasses of wine and some packets of cup cake mix who could guess how they will come out, but at least it will be fun a great night}.

You might want to put some games out, if you have the space, just simple things like a bean bag throw, horse shoes or maybe shark fishing if you are doing the beach party thing, just a few games to make your guests relax and have enjoy themselves.

Here are my best three picks

Outdoor weddings Backyard BBQ

Practically everybody enjoys a BBQ and as we all know barbecuing is a man thing so that's one less responsibility for the bride to have to worry about. Barbecues are enormous fun and very casual, so there is no need, unless you want to of course and it is your day, what you say goes to have to spend loads on posh outfits for the ceremony, an elegant sundress for the bride and shorts and shirt for the groom. As your friends will have probably been in on the planning they will already know, but make sure everybody understand that it is casual dress ONLY.

Menu - have whatever BBQ favorites you wish on your menu, most likely hot dogs and burgers for the kids (big and small), as the guests will be serving themselves (well it is the maids day off after all) make the barbecue items light on the sauces, to help your guests keep relatively sauce free.

The BBQ needs to have a few salads, fresh fruit, chips and maybe salted snacks, don't forget Grandma's Potato Salad recipe - it could be your Mothers/Sisters/Auntie's what I am trying to say is that if any member of the family or any friend has ever passed on to you a recipe for any salad dish, then use it now or you may never hear the end of it.

Desserts are again an opportunity to use old family or friends dessert recipes, just remember that it may be hot out in the yard so take care with ice-cream, but whatever you like is good.

Try the same menu and buffet for all these three themes, possibly add some shrimp to the BBQ if you are having the surfin' theme.

Outdoor weddings Country style

This one is tremendous fun and if you have the right location so inexpensive to do, what you could do with is a few straw bales and some preferably red and white check cloths and a homemade "hitching post" same as in the old western movies in front of the saloon, where the bride and groom can get "hitched" (married). The menu and set up of the backyard can be identical to the barbeque theme, dress for the bride and groom can be very nearly the same with the possible exception of Jeans for the groom and a simple wide hat try linen for the authentic look for the bride. Some country music and you're good to go.

Outdoor weddings Surfin' Party

Make your backyard into a cool surfin' beach, its incredibly romantic and fairly inexpensive, the tables and chairs that have you begged or borrowed, simply set them haphazardly round your yard and cover them with blue table clothes (disposable paper cloths are fine).

To get little weight on top to hold the cloths in place, get some inexpensive glass vases, clear straight sided are best, part fill them with sand, put a plain white household candle (nothing fancy) into the sand, then put some pebbles or shells onto of the sand.

If you do not want to buy any} and you can't borrow a few vases, simply use} large pickle jars (lets face it who is going to have a use for 10 or so glass vases after the parties over). Take the pickle jars clean them out thoroughly, purchase a roll of clear blue plastic film from you local craft store, put on the inside of the jars then do the sand and candle thing, for an extra bit of style glue a few shells onto the outside of each jar.

The buffet and cake table can be given some flair with sand and pebbles, to stop the sand getting into the food, you might think about spraying it with some mounting glue, from the craft shop to stop it spreading everywhere. If you are unable to get the glue, try my mother's old trick and spray it with inexpensive "extra" hold hair spray.

The candles on the tables will give your evening party some real atmosphere, you will probably want a few garden torches as well, but almost certainly fewer than for the other two themes.

Music to match the theme and then it's surf up and its ready to party

Weddings should be taken seriously whether you have your actual ceremony in the yard or a more traditional ceremony at a different location, however once the ceremony is done, then relax enjoy your day with friends and family, they will have a ball and be talking about it for ages.

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