Monday, October 14, 2013

Plan Your Wedding Quickly - What Will You Wear to Your Perfect, Hurry-Up Wedding?

If you decide to get married on a very short timeline, you can still have a wonderful wedding. One of the things that often demands a longer lead time is traditional wedding clothing. What are you going to wear to your perfect, hurry-up, right now wedding? You have some leeway here, because the expectations will be different than they are for a wedding where the couple has been planning meticulously for a year and a half!

Men: Sometimes you can get tuxes in a hurry, but depending what you're doing for your wedding, a tux may not be the right clothing option. Technically, they're an after 5 kinda suit. Do you have a great suit? Wear that. Wonderful dark blazer? Wear that. As long as you and your beloved have a fairly matched level of formality, you'll be fine. If you're going to buy something, buy something

  • That you can afford.
  • That won't be difficult for your attendants to match.
  • That will serve you in your life beyond the wedding.
  • That is comfortable to wear.
  • In which you look fabulous.

That way you can manage your wedding and keep enhancing your life.

There's no question that you want something fabulous to get married in. Probably because of the time thing, you want something fabulous and off-the-rack. Wedding dresses have to be ordered and fitted and made perfect. But your perfect wedding dress may be hiding out there for you to find in a hurry.

On the remainder rack at a bridal store. They sell their models. One of them might be right for you.

In a second hand store. There are sometimes amazing options that pass through stores. You'll be doing the dress a favor by redeeming it for another happy wearing!

On line on the resale sites.

In the better dresses/formal dresses area of your favorite department store.

In your friend's or family's closets.

Somewhere there's a wonderful dress waiting to make you beautiful. It may be a wedding dress, it may be just a great dress. It's a little known fact that you can get married without any tulle at all! Although you may find a very simple short sheath and dress it up with incredible shoes and a 15 foot veil. Or grab a wonderful hat and have fun!

This is a way you can save money. This is a way you an look beautiful and different from every other bride. One of my brides recently told me, when I asked her what her dress was like, well, I sort of look like a cupcake. Hmm. Is that the wedding look you're wanting? It may be, and you can have it. But you're in a hurry to marry your beloved. You want to be gorgeous. Focus on that.

Speaking of focus, if you've focused on your wedding ceremony and your wedding vows and packed them full of meaning, people are going to be pretty busy watching you.  They'll notice that you look happy and handsome/beautiful and that'll be that.

Your vows and your ceremony are the one place you don't want to skimp as you arrange your in-a-hurry marriage. Because short-timeline or long- for the wedding, you're going to be living together forever. Might as well have vows that you've worked on so that they reflect yourselves, your hopes and your dreams! That's what's going to keep you married forever. The clothing, it's great and you'll look great (while you take those great wedding vows!)

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