Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yacht Weddings and Other Cruise-Based Fun

What is the ideal wedding? Well, it may be many things to many people, but seldom is it a remembered occasion. Unfortunately, it just doesn't stand out in the minds of the attendees come a year a later. It's a sad fact, but the most elegant - most well-planned - wedding is seldom the most-loved, best-remembered. No, not the origami-folded cloth napkins or tuxedo-clad waiters or the fresh Chilean bass in garlic aspic suspension - none of that will be remembered. Mind you, this comes from having three older sisters and having attended more weddings than I can count.

Now, that being said, I do recall a handful of weddings to this day. Granted, they were all either theme or destination weddings, but I think that's what it takes to make a wedding memorable. In fact, of the handful I can remember, two stand out in particular. One was a destination wedding in Bangalore, India - and the second was a yacht wedding off the coast of Los Angeles. So you see: a foreign land or an unconventional setting.

Given a choice between having to relive the two weddings, I think I would rather step on-board the thirty-foot yacht replete with finely catered food and cakes than relive my colorful trip to India. This is not to say that a destination wedding is less exciting than a yacht wedding, but seeing as how I suffered from a dreadful case of dysentery brought on from a poorly prepared beef curry, I say give me the boat anytime.

A slow, languid cruise around the Los Angeles Bay or three days of intestinal pain? You can see how they would both be quite memorable - each in their own distinctive ways. Therefore, for you would-be couples basking in the glow of young love, it's time to forget blazing a trail through wedding history and rethink the traditional, elegant ceremony and reception. Either rethink them or have them hosted in an unprecedented way - like on-board a luxury yacht.

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