Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Choose Weddings and Bridesmaid Gifts

The bridal party will come together by default members such as Father of the Bride, and the chosen few such as the ushers, best man, and bridesmaids.

When it comes to buying thank you gifts there are no rules set in stone. However, there are a few traditions which you may or may not choose to follow.

Typically the matron of maid of honor will receive the more expensive gift to mark the fact that she has extra roles and responsibilities. All the other bridesmaids usually receive a gift of around the same price range to each other.

Some gifts are chosen to fall in line with the theme of the wedding. The theme may be based around many things including color schemes.

Traditional and easy to buy gifts, which meet most budgets and are easy to organize is flowers. Flowers can be purchased in bouquets, arrangements in vases, posies, various color schemes, and using flowers which have traditional meanings. The potential drawbacks of gifting with flowers is that they are not very personal to each bridesmaid.

At the higher end of the average budget are expensive dream gifts that each bridesmaid really wishes for. The bride will know this simply because she is close to her bridesmaids. Examples include designer shoes, boxed with amazing presentation of bows and streamers, and a personalised handmade tag to complete the work of art.

Gifts which are personalised to each lady make special keepsakes which can be treasured forever as a memory of the special day and of course the lead up to it. This type of gift can be personalised in many ways.

Metal gifts made from silver, gold, steel, pewter can be engraved with text and photographs.

Crystal and glass gifts may be laser engraved to a premium quality using computerized technology and include text and pictures.

Labels can be printed on gifts such as pink champagne or speciality wines.

Clothing can be printed onto to make fun and special gifts. For example personalized slippers being given as practical gifts for a spa weekend is very popular.

Other gifts which can be personalized and are easily available are handbag mirrors, silver trinket boxes, crystal glass paperweights and candle holders, and many more.

Before buying the gifts it is advisable to review in your mind the personality of each bridesmaid and her personal interests. This way you are optimizing the chance of each bridesmaid loving her thank you present.

The beauty of personalised gifts is that using the wonderful technology of the internet one can find an online store, check reviews from other customers, order everything in one go, meet the budgets set and be safe in the knowledge that all bridesmaids gifts are organized and ready to present in time for the wedding day.

Its a great idea to browse bridal magazines for ideas and chat with other brides-to-be on forums and social networking websites. You will find ideas of gifts, and reviews of gifts and online ordering websites.

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