Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Bouquet - Tips and Ideas

Wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life, so your dress and jewelry, as well as the wedding bouquet should be amazing!

Color choice

Choose only those colors and materials that you like. White is a traditional wedding color, which symbolizes pure love. White lilies or roses are commonly used for the wedding bouquets. Less traditional materials, such as gypsophila, also look very original.

But it goes without saying, that white is not the only color, possible for a bouquet. You may also choose bluish or pinkish flowers. Moreover, the latest trends show that bright colors of the wedding bouquets grow in popularity. Many girls prefer bright wedding dresses and consequently more colorful bouquets. Red tulips, for example, look gorgeous.

Catch your idea

There's a great variety of items that can be used for a composition, besides flowers themselves. Wonderful pearls, bright ribbons, a piece of the wedding dress cloth - no limits for imagination. So, all you need is to select the best idea. There are so many sources for inspiration: the Internet, TV, books, magazines. Make your imagination work and you'll definitely create the bouquet of your dream!

Perfect harmony

Flowers can be found not only in your bouquet. A motorcade or a wedding hall, decorated with flowers, also look nice and romantic.

Remember, that all the decorations should follow the concept, used in the bouquet. For example, you may take one basic flower and create different variants of decor. You may also combine different kinds of flowers of the same color.

Wedding florist

It's a good idea to consult a professional wedding florist, who can give you some useful advice and provide with everything necessary.You should explain to the florist what style you'd like to have and how much money you are ready to spend. You may also show your wedding dress photo and a piece of cloth it is made of (this information will help to choose the appropriate materials).


A simple tight-fitting dress looks romantic in combination with a puffy bouquet, and with a tiny one it seems stylish and glamorous. But be sure not to overdo: a very small bouquet will be lost on the background of a bouffant multilayer dress; and on the contrary, too puffy one may shade a petite bride.

A bouquet shouldn't be heavy, that's why many florists replace natural stalks with artificial ones. It helps to lighten the bouquet, preserve freshness of flowers and create any shape of the composition. Moreover, there may be sap in the stalks, which may cause allergic reaction.


Buttonholes can be either identical or individual for each guest. The groom's buttonhole should be more impressive. Choose only bud-flowers - they will open during the ceremony and preserve their freshness longer. But still it would be nice, if you have an additional set of buttonholes, because not all the flowers can stand hours of hugs, dances and wedding activities.

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