Sunday, October 20, 2013

Needing Ideas for a Great Lace and Pearls-Themed Bridal Shower

Lace and pearls is a theme that many brides are choosing now so what more appropriate than a lace and pearls bridal shower to set the theme and mood. Your bride will love it I know.

Add a color which ideally would be a color that the bride is using on her wedding day.

Go to the internet and print off a bridal shower check list as one of the first things you need to do.

Look to the internet or a craft store in your area for faux pearls and lace in large quantities for your decorating needs.

There are many ways to use this theme in a bridal shower and let's start with the invitations.

The internet or your local store should start you out with many choices and ideas using lace and pearls and you can always design your own invitations for a really personal touch to the shower.

When it comes to decorating the venue you can buy lace doilies quite inexpensively and use them throughout the venue. Place a vase with flowers and a string of faux pearls falling out of the vase.

Another idea, wrap lace around a clear glass pillar candle cylinder and burn a candle with the bride's theme color in it.

Still another idea is to have an assortment of small attractive boxes with lids and have strings of the pearls pouring out of the box on to the doily.

Your table or tables is where you can have a lot of fun decorating with a lace and pearls bridal shower theme.

How about covering the table with a cloth in the bride's theme color. Cover it with a lace cloth so the color of the under cloth shows through?

Scatter loose pearls down the center of the cloth for a pretty look.

Fill a few votive candle holders with different sizes of pearls and place a votive candle on top of the pearls to finish the centerpiece.

Use ivory colored cloths and add a lace runner down the middle of the table. Or if you don't have a runner than buy a yard or so of lace and cut out lace hearts to scatter on top of the cloth.

Here are some ideas for food you can serve or you can do the bride's favorites or just what ever you choose based on time of day.

The food might be four different types of salads and as an idea how about fresh fruit, caesar, asian and an antipasto salad. with a choice of chicken or shrimp.

Skewers of fruit as well as veggies are always enjoyed by guests. Don't forget to have a couple of dips to go along with the skewers.

You may be planning a shower with just desserts and sweets which fits this theme very well.

Set up an inviting dessert table and as a backdrop behind the table hang lace streamers and strings of faux pearls as decoration.

Ask each guest to bring their favorite dessert and include them on the table you set up.

Desserts you can offer would be cupcakes decorated with edible pearls and they have paper lace holders available. This perhaps in place of a cake.

Mini eclairs, cream puffs and assorted pies, brownies, heart-shaped cookies, macaroons in pastel colors and a fresh fruit torte is always a guest pleaser.

Trim candy jars or bowls with lace and pearls and have a candy section on the dessert table with the bride's favorites.

These ideas will give you a start on planning the shower decor and foods and I am sure you will have great ideas of your own.

Here is an idea I really like and the bride will too.

Decorate a large open mouth jar with lace and pearls. Give each guest a piece of paper and have them write their suggestion for a date night the newly weds can have after the wedding and honeymoon is over.

Present the jar to the bride so that each week they can reach into the jar and use the date suggestion for a date that week.

Shower favors for your guests should continue the lace and pearls shower theme and there are any number of things that would do just that.

Some ideas for guest favors:

Small faux pearl picture frames

Lace trimmed votive candle holder and candle (buy plain votive holders and add a lovely lace trim to it)

Pearl key chains (saw some on the internet)

Buy lace trimmed favor bags and fill with candy kisses

Glass or felt lace-look coasters

There doesn't seem to be any shower games related to a lace and pearls theme so you are going to have to select from the standard games if planning to have any games at all.

Your bridal shower of lace and pearls will be a wonderful and sweet memory the bride will have forever and she will so appreciate you used her wedding theme to make it very personal.

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