Saturday, October 26, 2013

What to Wear to Your Daughter's Wedding: Formal Wear for Dads

Black tie events like weddings should be treated with formality and class. Formal events like your daughter's wedding usually require a tuxedo, which is probably the best and safest attire to wear. A classic tuxedo is perfect for the father of the bride. Also remember to wear patent leather shoes, and make sure that they are well-kept and shined. It is important to wear the most common and appropriate formal attire for men. Classic colors like black and grey are the usual options for most black tie weddings.

In most countries and cultures, the father of the bride usually walks with her down the aisle to symbolize the act of giving her away to her groom and husband-to-be. Be sure to make this walk memorable by wearing the most dashing tuxedo or three-piece suit. However there are also cultures with their own interpretation of formal wear for men (or in this case, the father of the bride). Make sure that you wear whatever is suited for you and the wedding theme.

Provided that you have chosen the best tuxedo ensemble and bought (or shined) your best pair of black leather shoes, also remember that the whole look won't be complete if you disregard the other essentials. Personal hygiene and physical appearance go hand in hand. If you want to be the proud dad, then look like a proud dad. Wearing the most expensive suit and shoes will not give you justice if you show up to the wedding with stubbles on your face. Make sure that you get a clean shave on the morning of the wedding. Also make sure that you wear a little manly perfume, and you're all set to send your daughter to her groom down the aisle.

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