Monday, October 7, 2013

What Exactly Are Designer Wedding Gowns?

Selecting the perfect wedding dress can be one of the most personal and enjoyable moments for a bride-to-be in the process of planning her Big Day. Naturally, a woman wants to look her very best for her wedding and is likely to put a lot of thought into both the style of the dress and her overall look in terms of accessories, bouquet and hairstyle. She will also probably peruse countless wedding dress designs in her search for the perfect gown, and if she is wise, she will look at designer wedding gowns in particular.

But what are designer wedding gowns actually, and how do they differ from wedding gowns in general? Well, a gown of any kind, especially if it is an evening gown or a wedding dress, that has been designed by a person who is qualified to be a clothing designer can be termed 'designer wear'. The notion of the designer as creative genius dates back to the days of haute couture when a person skilled in clothing design would create a one-of-a-kind garment for a client. Naturally, these garments were expensive because only the best quality fabrics were used and the sewing was often done by hand but what made them special was the fact that the designer's expertise was involved.

Fortunately, the situation is currently such that it is now possible to buy reasonably priced wedding dresses that bear a designer label from wedding apparel suppliers both online and from studios and retail outlets. What is more, brides-to-be need not worry that they could potentially see their wedding dress on someone else they know because the range of designer wedding gowns is so wide nowadays, and the tastes of the individuals who choose from it so varied, that it is highly unlikely that a bride will ever see her gown on anyone else she knows.

The role of the designer differs from that of the pattern cutter and seamstress in that the aforementioned person determines what the finished garment is actually going to look like. Although a number of people may work together to produce such a garment, it is ultimately the designer's artistry when it comes to style, cut and proportion that gives it the designation 'designer'. Hence if you are looking for uniqueness in a wedding dress as well as a superb and figure-flattering fit, then your best bet is to look at designer wedding gowns.

In a sense, each and every wedding gown you are likely to see has been designed in some way but not all of them are 'designer gowns' in the sense that they bear a bona fide designer label. Many mass-produced wedding dresses are stereotyped in style and appearance and do not necessarily fit very well whereas gowns designed by reputable designers are likely to look unique while simultaneously possessing attributes like a good cut and fit.

Hence if you are in the process of looking for a wedding dress, whether you are considering hiring a gown, having one made from a pattern or purchasing it 'off the peg', as it were, it is always wise to pick a design that carries a recognised designer label for the reasons mentioned above.

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