Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wedding Favors - Customize Them

Wedding favors have long been traditionally given to guests after the wedding reception. This serves as the bride's and groom's token of appreciation for all the guests who have partaken in their special event. And with the many kinds of favors out in the market, choosing the perfect kind is a daunting task.

A Brief History

Wedding favors started with the upper echelon of Europe, which were called bonbonniere. Bonbonnieres were little boxes made with crystals or porcelain. It usually contains sugar cubes or delicate little cakes. As sugar was a very luxurious commodity then that only the wealthy can afford, these bonbonnieres signify the wealth and affluence of a family.

When the price of sugar decreased and the masses could afford it, it was later replaced by almonds and these were used for centuries. This symbolized the well wishes on the newlywed's life together.

By the 13th century, they coated the almonds with sugar, which were called confetti. Later on, these were called Jordan almonds and are now the most common type of wedding favor. Five Jordan almonds wrapped in a fancy cloth and tied with elegant ribbons or placed in elegant confection boxes are said to be a symbol of fruitfulness or fertility, long life for the newlyweds or longevity, wealth and financial stability, health and well being, and happiness of the couple. Jordan almonds also represent the bittersweet aspects of a married life, the almond being bitter and the sugar being sweet.

Different Kinds of Wedding Favors

Although Jordan almonds have been and always will be the perfect example of wedding favors, couples have used other kinds of token. One of the favorites is the trinket boxes. Scented candles wrapped in special cloth are also a big favorite. With all the many colors and designs to choose from, the couple can choose their candle based on their motif. They are also making use of wedding flowers tied with motif-colored ribbons and these contain the couple's names and the date of the wedding to remember the special occasion by.


Because there are many kinds of wedding favors out in the market, they are all beginning to look alike. As more and more brides want to have a more personalized wedding, favors have to be customized, too. But with the wide variety of tokens, personalizing them is a daunting task.

You can give perfumes to your bridesmaids and maid of honor as a gift of appreciation. This could be small vials of your favorite perfume wrapped in silk cloths and tied with elegant ribbons. You can also give them stylish and elegant shawls if your wedding is set for the cold season. For the groomsmen and best man, simple cufflinks are a perfect present.

If candles are commonly used as tokens of thanks, why not give them small lanterns instead? You can have motif-colored lanterns for a more customized look. Another perfect idea for a modern wedding is a DVD copy of the couple's favorite songs, and they can have their wedding picture printed on the DVD cover.

With the popularity of wedding favors and its importance in weddings, it has become a major mainstay in any modern wedding and is here to stay.

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