Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Your Wedding Color Says a Lot About You

Okay, you are getting married and you have a ton of work to do, right? You have to look after florists, bakeries, caterers, dresses for you, and your bridesmaids. Time is short, money is tight, and you have a million things to do so you had better get started. The best wedding are the most thought out and planned for in advance.

Stop! Unless you like moving backwards and wasting precious time, you had better pick out your colors first. Not all weddings are black and white. A good color scheme may be the only thing that stands between a memorable wedding and a wedding that you and your guest will never forget. Picking out your colors now will save you time in backtracking to make sure everything will blend together.

First imagine a white dress, red and yellow flowers, a white and pink wedding cake, cream colored table cloths, and purple decorations. Now put Wedding party favors in all different color gift bags on the place mats in front of those brown table chairs. I think you see where we are heading with this fiasco. It would remind some guests of a rainbow that had melted all over your otherwise beautiful wedding.

Now put away your color grenades and picture this, Bridesmaids in matching pink, the wedding cake in white with pink fringes, white tablecloths with hot pink wedding guest favors, center-pieced with fresh pink, white, and red carnations. Now we have a color scheme that Martha Stewart would be proud to call her own. An even better idea is to imagine all of this in your three favorite colors.

Not everyone has three colors in mind that they would call their favorite. That is okay because you really only need one color to be dominant. Choose your favorite color and then blend one or two colors with it. Soon, you will have a good idea of exactly what your big day to look like and then you can begin to make your preparations.

If you are not sure of what colors you like or if you are one of those people who changes favorite colors as often as you change you underwear, there are two ways that you can get an idea of what colors your subconscious mind enjoys the most. First walk through your house or favorite room and see what colors stand out to you. By looking at what you have purchased and surrounded yourself with over a period of years you will get a feel for what you like.

The best way to get a good feel for the colors that you like, even if you cannot get an idea from your surroundings, is to go to your closet. Everyone has favorite clothes that are worn more than their other garments. Usually, we keep these clothes together. If you do not bundle your best items together, before you do this, go to your closet and pick out the clothes you love to wear the most and hang them side by side by side. String your favorite shoes along the floor below them. Now stand back and see what colors stand out and you will have a fairly good idea of what your color trends are. Write down the three colors that you like the most and go plan yourself a beautiful wedding.

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