Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away - 10 Ways Not to Care When Rain Threatens Your Perfect Wedding

"Happy the bride it rains upon" is an old saying. Rain on your wedding day was considered good luck because rain assured fertility. And in those days, you were getting married for that very reason. You can decide whether or not you want to fold the fertility into it, but you might as well capitalize on the good luck. Because as fabulous as you are, you still can't control the weather! They're predicting an awkward summer. So you might as well build it right into your planning. Don't be caught of guard. You've found the perfect partner. You can figure out how to deal with the rain!

  1. Ceremony Site: Just make sure you have an alternative, if you're planning an outdoor wedding. Wherever it happens, you'll be getting married. If you've planned a fabulous wedding ceremony and worked hard on your wedding vows, you're going to have what you need to be married at the end of the day. That's what's important, right?
  2. Pictures: If you're planning off-site pictures, find a fun indoor site for them. Museums? Train stations? What are you interested in? And if you can find time in the day, sneak out and meet your beloved before either of you have begun to get ready for the big event and have someone snap some pictures of the two of you in the pouring rain, or the mist. Just remember not to stand under trees during periods of thunder and lightning!
  3. Attendant gifts: Choose great rain boots as your bridal gifts. Have some pictures taken in them!
  4. Dressing room: Make sure that there's a place to change clothes at the site. The whole "happy the bride" thing was started back before brides wore tulle and chiffon! Have a couple towels there. Bring your hairdryer, just in case. Hairdryers work well for clothing as well!
  5. Clothing: I'm sure you've had your dresses for eons, but if not, consider a knee length or tea-length skirt for bride and attendants. Wear your flip flops there! Consider fun clothes to change into before you leave the site, if it's still pouring. No sense wading through mud puddles in your white dress unless you've decided to trash the very expensive dress you scrimped and saved to buy. (That's really a waste!)
  6. Favors: consider a great deal on umbrellas in your colors. If the weather cooperates and you're outside, people can use them as sunshades. And haven't you always found that carrying an umbrella is a guarantee the weather will be grand? So, if your entire community is carrying umbrellas, it's got to help, right?
  7. Metaphors: Rain washes the world clean, it supplies life-giving water. Both of these are images that a marriage can incorporate! Use what's around and let it make your marriage strong and at one with the natural elements.
  8. D├ęcor: Go with it. Throw out the candles and use fish in your centerpieces. Have a sense of humor and play it up.
  9. First Dance: Start out your first dance with "I'm going to love you, come rain or come shine." And segue into another song that's equally mushy about a man loving a woman.
  10. Sense of Humor: Nothing is going to be ruined by the rain unless you're determined that your life, wedding and marriage will be ruined if there is rain. Why do that? Remember how amazing it is that you're going to marry your beloved. And enjoy it.

This is your wedding. Plan the wedding ceremony, craft your wedding vows, focus on your marriage and the wonderful community that has gathered to support you. Let the rain come. You're busy going about your incredible life and marriage! Have your perfect wedding whatever the weather. You're more than up to the challenge, because you have one another!

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